Dutch researchers succeed in producing tear glands in laboratory

Dutch researchers succeed in producing tear glands in laboratory

By imitating the eye, Dutch researchers have succeeded in producing a tear gland in the laboratory that can shed tears like a real eye. It is hoped that by developing tear glands, researchers will be able to find appropriate solutions to treat and cure some eye diseases.

“Organoid” or “organoid” are essentially miniature and simplified versions of human organs that are produced in three dimensions in the laboratory. Organoids have the same anatomy and function as real organs, helping researchers to discover the hidden dimensions of certain organs in the body.

Researchers from the Dutch Academy of Sciences, in order to find solutions and methods of treating some eye diseases, they succeed In vitro, organoids produce tear glands that look like real human tear glands and can cry. The research results help Dutch researchers study the process of producing tears in the eye and find out what happens when the brain commands the eye glands to cry and tears flow from the eye.

Dutch researchers first used human intestinal tissue, which contains stem cells, to produce tears, and added proteins to it. First, they used this combination to model the tear glands of mice, and then they were able to simulate the same process for the production of human tear glands. The tear glands produced in vitro look like small balloons.

Marie Bannier-Hloot, a Dutch researcher, hopes that in the future the production of such organoids could be used to treat some eye diseases, including dry eye and some eye cancers. Tears are very important for the health of the eyes and not only relieves dry eyes, but also delivers nutrients to the cornea. In addition, tears can disinfect the eyes due to its antibacterial properties.

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