DxOMark gave the iPhone 12 camera a mini-rating similar to the iPhone 12

DxOMark gave the iPhone 12 camera a mini-rating similar to the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Mini camera ranked 14th on the DxOMark list with excellent performance in photography and video recording, equal to the iPhone 12.

Since the iPhone 12 Mini camera module is similar to the iPhone 12, the overall score of both smartphones in the tests DXOMARK They are also almost identical, and both devices scored similarly in photography, zoom, and video shooting, but in detail, there are differences between the camera test results of the two devices.

The iPhone 12 Mini shows more unstable behavior than the iPhone 12, especially during video shooting. However, the iPhone 12 Mini performs well in capturing detail.

Mostly accurate exposure and dynamic range in video shooting is greatly wide. However, the range of dynamics in photography is limited. In terms of white balance, the white balance is bluish.

In addition, in low ambient light conditions or indoor shooting, there is a noticeable noise in the images, which is one of the weaknesses of the iPhone 12 mini camera. The effect of curling, which causes unwanted effects on the edges of the subject, can be seen in some imaging conditions.

Like the regular version, the iPhone 12 Mini does not have a dedicated zoom feature, so there are limitations to telephoto imaging.

It also provides good output in drawing skin color in most tests performed. The camera of this device has a good operating speed in terms of autofocus and also shows good accuracy in shooting indoor and outdoor environments. The phone’s camera shake system also performs well in both static and moving positions.

As mentioned, in low ambient light, there is a noticeable noise in the captured images and this noise causes some details not to be displayed well. In addition, there are noticeable differences in the resolution of photos taken sequentially, and there are instabilities in outdoor autofocus.

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