E-Commerce Development Center: 500 complaints have been registered in the intelligent monitoring system

مرکز توسعه تجارت الکترونیکی: 500 شکایت در سامانه هوشمند نظارت ثبت شده است

The Center for E-Commerce Development published a quarterly report on the performance of the intelligent grievance redressal system. Accordingly, over the past three months, about 500 complaints have been registered in this system, more than half of which have been resolved in the initial stage of negotiations between the consumer and the business.

After the unveiling of Intelligent grievance redressal system And Online Collective Arbitration (CODR) On March 12, 2014, in the presence of the country’s top officials, the quarterly report of this system was published by the Electronic Commerce Development Center.

In a quarterly period from the date of unveiling of the system, despite the Nowruz holiday and the activation of the old system until the beginning of June, about 500 complaints It is registered in the intelligent system for monitoring and handling complaints. According to the designed self-control mechanisms, more than half of the complaints have been resolved in the initial stage of negotiations between the consumer and the business in the context of the system.

From the rest of the complaints for approx 20 applying for Judgment Has been. Also so far more than 10 arbitration votes In the system issued and the rest of the requests are in different stages of the voting process, the main cases in which the vote was in favor of the consumer has also been implemented by businesses and the consumer has been satisfied.

Considering that the above-mentioned report shows the acceptable performance of the intelligent system for monitoring and handling complaints, its development into physical businesses, including distributors and manufacturers, as one of the projects selected by the Ministry of Silence by the Director General of the Ministry in a notification dated 16 June 1401 to all offices. The headquarters and the provincial units have been notified and the division of labor between them has been determined for the implementation of the project.

In this way gradually The system is for chain and large stores, Selected trade units and manufacturers will also be operational. In this way, consumers can make good use of the capacity of the intelligent system for handling complaints and submitting arbitration requests in this system.

In order to expedite the conclusion of the complaints and the realization of their rights, these people can take action to handle the complaints completely electronically and in absentia through the e-commerce unit window (ecsw.ir) and only based on the payment transaction information.

It is worth mentioning that according to Article 9 of the Comprehensive Electronic Commerce Program approved in 2005, the Ministry of Commerce is obliged to work with the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary to develop an arbitration model in e-commerce cases. This is important in order to reduce legal claims and should be applied by applying the minimum legal standards in the field of e-commerce as well as developing a contractual model for resolving disputes in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) models in order to simplify and clarify the settlement process. The dispute was settled.

This legal obligation was unveiled in the 13th executive government and in March of last year in the presence of the Ministers of Silence, Justice, the Deputy Minister of Crime Prevention of the Judiciary, the Legal Vice President and the President of the Supreme Chamber of Iranian Employers’ Unions.

Smart Complaints System

The process of the new system is such that after authenticating the consumer, registering and verifying the transaction information based on the systematic inquiry of the payment transaction from the central bank, the complaint is referred to the business of the complaining party.

The business is also required to respond appropriately and resolve the complaint within a limited period of time. In case of lack of proper response by the business, in addition to the possibility of referring a complaint to the administrative authorities, including the Consumer Protection Organization and the trade union, there is also the possibility of requesting arbitration.

The arbitration shall be issued within a maximum of three weeks by a jury composed of members of the arbitration commission of the Higher Employers’ Association.

In addition to the administrative executive guarantee, the arbitral award will also have a judicial executive guarantee, and after 20 days from the date of notification, if it is not executed by the business, it is possible to execute it through the judiciary.

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