Earth Death by 2500: Should We Think of Another Home?

مرگ زمین تا سال ۲۵۰۰: آیا باید به فکر خانه دیگری باشیم؟

The planet can be declared uninhabitable or even abandoned due to various problems. The human race may continue to live on another planet. Unless greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, continued warming until 2500 will make the tropics and India very hot or somewhat uninhabitable.

For many years, scientists have been warning about the planet Earth’s atmosphere. There are many reports based on scientific research by various researchers that talk about the long-term effects of climate change such as rising greenhouse gas levels, rising temperatures and sea levels by 2100. But unfortunately, these problems are not considered as important as they should be. It is in this context that the state of the planet Earth is expected to be very critical by the year 2500. Of course, there are many countries that have adopted treaties and laws to reduce the greenhouse effect and protect the land. For example, the Paris Agreement requires us to limit heating. Due to industrialization and the great advancement of technology, the amount of pollutant gases has increased and the rate of increase of the earth’s temperature is very high.

Every few years since 1990, we have reported our progress through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Scientific Evaluation Reports and related Special Reports, and have always sought to enhance these environmental improvements. IPCC reports evaluate existing research to show us where we are and what we need to do before 2100 to achieve our goals, and what happens if we do not.

A recent United Nations assessment of designated National Partnerships (NDCs) warns that governments’ current treaties and promises are largely unacceptable and that global warming is continuing to rise. In between, there are many issues that affect this global warming. Global warming can cause many events that cause great loss of life and property to individuals. Global warming means unprecedented fires, storms, droughts, floods and heat, and changes in the aquatic ecosystem.

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One of the reasons why people around the world today do not take this warming so seriously is that they think 2100 is so far away from what it is. While some weather forecasts from 2100 are not definitive, with the current trend we may have deeper crises much sooner than this forecast. It is true that scientists have given an approximate time for the current trend in heating progress, but these long-term predictions are not kept up to date with global climate problems and environmental decisions. This is surprising in its own right; Because people who are born now will only be in their 70s by 2100. Do human beings ignore their future generations? What will the world be like for our children and grandchildren?

It takes a very long time to understand and plan for crisis management and management on such a large scale. In fact, this means that politicians and statesmen must think of a solution sooner than the day of crisis. The time for such a crisis may be 2100, but they must definitely consider ways to prevent the crisis before it arrives. This is true even for the environmental issues contained in the Paris Agreement, researchers and policymakers must look beyond the 2100 horizon.

After the year 2100

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Will the warming stop in 2100? If not, what does this mean for humans today and for the future?

The Amazon, the Americas, the Indian subcontinent are all parts of the planet that are somehow struggling with global warming.

Scientists and researchers have long sought to provide a complete and comprehensive version of global warming models with existing modeling and predictions. This model has been offered to many countries. We have also modeled on vegetation distribution, geothermal crises, and growth conditions for our main crops today to meet a variety of environmental challenges. By trying to live and teach our children, we can save the earth from certain destruction in the not-too-distant future. But it requires sacrifice. We must have the courage to give our future, our children and future generations a chance to live and breathe.

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In this model presented by scientists, we found that the global average temperature will increase by about 6 degrees by 2100. This increase in temperature may not seem like much to you, but it can not be ignored alone. This increase in temperature alone can have devastating effects on the planet, animal and plant life. If this warming continues on the planet and at the same speed, the increase of vegetation and the best cultivation areas will move towards the poles and the suitable surface area for some crops will decrease. Places with a long history in the fields of culture and ecosystems, such as the Amazon, can disappear altogether.

In addition, we found that global warming could be many times more destructive to humans living in the tropics than anywhere else on Earth. Rising temperatures in tropical areas that currently have large populations can be fatal. Such areas may become uninhabitable. One clear example of this is India.

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Although our findings are based on predicted models of the Earth’s climate, this is actually within the scope of other predictions and helps to reveal the potential for climate change on a longer and larger scale.

We set out with the intention of educating the people of the world so that we can take back the planet from the industrial giants and make life possible for future generations and our children. To this end, we can make the planet not just a second home and a habitat for later generations of humans and other living things. On the other hand, let’s erase many of the harms that the industrial revolution has done to nature.

The uncertain future of the earth in the next few years

Today’s human race has gone through many hardships, but this patience is not only related to the last 100 years and is much older. Between 1500 and today, we have witnessed colonialism and the Industrial Revolution, the birth of colonial and just governments, various identities and modern institutions, the mass burning of fossil fuels, and rising global temperatures. In other words, if we can not stop global warming, the next 500 years and beyond, the opening of the Earth will somehow change the planet, our ability to maintain many of the necessities for survival, especially in rooted cultures. It also challenges the history and geography that give us meaning and identity. If we selfishly use all our share in the pollution of the planet as much as possible and are not responsible for the future and other creatures of the earth in any way, such a thing can destroy ourselves. Because with land cultivation, there will be conditions for planting and harvesting will be difficult, and global warming itself can be deadly alone.

1634232902 554 Earth Death by 2500 Should We Think of Another Home Earth Death by 2500: Should We Think of Another Home? 10

Advanced predictions of the Earth suggest that by 2500 we may be alien to humans in the shape of the Earth today. The choice we are faced with is to immediately reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and with this small step figure a large share of the earth’s oxygen in our own name, or as someone who does not care about the environment and falls asleep. Deep down, we continue to adapt as the weather warms, so in this article we want to point out that this is a fact that no one has ever been able to escape, the earth is in great danger, and we humans with Proper planning can reduce the effects of this problem.

These problems are so great that human beings have seen two ways forward for themselves and their future. The first way is to either think about starting life on the planets, or by considering the future and prospects of life on Earth, thinking of a new beginning that can be more carefree and even a little simpler. To be able to save the earth with measures is much better than to look for another planet in the vast universe to replace it with the earth.

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