EA’s sudden dismissal of over 200 Apex Legends playtesters

EA's sudden dismissal of over 200 Apex Legends playtesters

Electronic Arts has reportedly fired 200 members of the Apex Legends QA testing team at its Baton Rouge office via Zoom video call.

Apex Legends online game users are celebrating the fourth anniversary of this game by receiving the Revelry package. Unfortunately, many members of the testing team (polytesters) of this game from the Baton Rouge office are unable to participate in this celebration. According to Kotaku, EA fired about 200 testers today. The news of the expulsion of this number of PlayStations was communicated to them through a sudden “Zoom” video call.

Some testers describe EA’s action as “unplanned and forced”. They stated that they did not receive any notification from EA executives about the layoff from the Baton Rouge office. They were quite shocked when they encountered EA’s “Zoom” visual message. The news agency “Kotaku” reveals that the laid-off employees only had time to collect their belongings from their desks. This was done directly by EA’s security monitoring team.

Expulsion of Apex Legends game playtesters

What negative effects does the expulsion of playtesters have for Apex Legends?

The source also states that the fired PlayStations were mainly working on the battle royale game Apex Legends. They will receive their unemployment benefits within 60 days, which is less than the duration of many of their contracts. Users should be aware that the people who worked in the Baton Rouge office were official EA employees in the quality assurance department. This independent office in Louisiana previously worked on other titles. But since the release of Apex Legends battle royale game in 2019, they have completely focused on the said game.

Some sources told Kotaku news agency that the expulsion of playtesters could hurt the quality of the Apex Legends game. The game runs on a heavily modified version of the Source Engine recently, and there are also many bugs encountered during gameplay.

EA has not yet released an official statement regarding its recent action to the media. Of course, by looking at these behaviors, you can understand that EA is no longer going to give special importance to the Apex Legends game. Last month Respawn Studio announced multiplayer servers Mobile version of this game turns it off forever. The studio also stated that the development of the single-player game Titanfall Legends has been officially stopped. Now the 16th season of Apex Legends game is available to players for the first time without the introduction of a new “legendary”.

Apex Legends multiplayer servers in history May 1 (May 11, 1402) They are turned off forever. The game is now available for PC and other platforms.

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