eBay has released its first NFT suite

eBay اولین مجموعه NFT خود را منتشر کرد

EBay Online Retail (eBayIs the newest company to enter the NFT business and the first collection in collaboration with the OneOf platform NFT Has set itself up. This set includes an image of an athlete, and more NFTs will be offered throughout the year.

The first NFT published by eBay

The company’s NFT suite It is known as Genesis And it shows 3D animated images of the great athletes of history on the covers of Sports Illustrated magazine. The first set now available is a picture of Wayne Gertsky, a former Canadian ice hockey player, presented in 13 different digital versions. The price of this NFT From $ 10 Starts.

eBay plans to release more collections throughout the year. “Block Down eBay” explains in a statement:

“EBay, in partnership with OneOf, now offers the right NFTs for a new generation of collectors around the world. “This is our commitment to providing exciting and valuable items to the eBay buyer and seller community.”

EBay announced last year that it was looking for a platform to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method on its platform, or in other words, it was looking for a way to accept cryptocurrencies and host NFT. eBay is one of the online shopping giants and now it seems that it has taken its first steps to compete with the companies that already offer NFT.


A recent report on the widespread NFT boom in 2022 noted that investment in the first three months of the new year was roughly equivalent to 2021 as a whole. Instagram, one of the world’s largest social networks, has also announced that it will soon start supporting NFTs through the Atrium and Solana blockchain networks. Spotify is another company that has begun testing this feature for artists.

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