Eco-friendly train can clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide

قطار دوستدار محیط زیست می‌تواند با جذب دی‌اکسید کربن هوا را تمیز کند

Scientists are developing a train car that can carbon dioxide remove (CO2) from the air. In fact, this wagon, which supports solar panels and a regenerative braking system, can store carbon dioxide in liquid form while moving. The researchers claim that in this conceptual design, each train can annually 3000 tons Remove CO2.

A US-based startup called CO2Rail, in collaboration with engineers from the University of Sheffield and the University of Toronto, Concept design of train cars have made that despite its large vents, it can absorb air while moving. Then, in this design, the CO2 can be turned into a liquid after being separated from the air and stored in a special cabin until it can be discharged.

Scientists believe that this method compared to other approaches related to direct air absorption (DAC), More affordable is, because wagons can be added to all existing trains. They also claim that each of them, in the short term, can remove 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

With this technology, the countries of the world can achieve their goals in the field Complete removal of CO2 from the air reach

Professor “Peter Stiring”, from the University of Sheffield and one of the researchers of this research, says:

“The direct absorption of carbon dioxide from the environment has become, more than ever, an urgent need to reduce the worst effects of climate change. This technology removes significant amounts of CO2 at a very low cost and has the potential to achieve annual efficiencies of 0.45 gigatons by 2030, 2.9 gigatons by 2050 and 7.8 gigatons by 2075, and in the short term, each wagon has an annual capacity of 3,000 tons of CO2. has the

How to remove carbon dioxide by wagon

Explained how this technology works, a train equipped with a CO2Rail wagon, during its movement, stores ambient air into a cylindrical CO2 collection chamber. The carbon dioxide in the air is then removed through a chemical process and the free air is returned to the atmosphere behind or below it. After a sufficient amount of CO2 has been collected in its chamber, the carbon dioxide is compressed and stored in a liquid tank.

Also, each of the internal processes of the CO2Rail wagon is carried out by its internal solar panels or by the energy generated from its braking system.

Ultimately, the researchers hope that this technology can encourage more passengers to use the railways and create a positive feedback for the removal of carbon dioxide.

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