Edward Snowden’s NFT sold for $ 5.5 million

Edward Snowden's NFT sold for $ 5.5 million

With the increase in the price of cryptocurrencies, the market for non-exchangeable tokens or NFTs has received a lot of attention. Now in the latest case, Edward Snowden’s NFT has sold for $ 5.5 million.

The NFT was sold at a one-day auction for 2224 atriums (about $ 5.5 million). This digital work of art that “Stay Free” Is called, Displays pages of court rulings that show violations of US law with widespread oversight of the people, including, of course, Snowden’s face. This NFT is made by open source software and, like other non-exchangeable tokens, is signed and verified.

This NFT was sold at a much higher price than Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. Twitter CEO’s first tweet sold a few weeks ago for $ 2.9 million. Despite this difference, both auctions are donated to charity. Edward Snowden’s token will be donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

NFTs are usually images, videos or other digital works signed and endorsed by their creator. When a person buys an irreplaceable token, he or she becomes the owner of a unique piece of code stored in the blockchain. Although you can make thousands of copies of an NFT, only one of them is signed and approved.

Although these tokens can help artists and creators of digital works, over time more and more people become concerned about their environmental impact. When a person builds his effect on a blockchain, he uses a lot of computing power and energy, which increases carbon emissions.

With these concerns in mind, the Freedom of the Press Foundation has announced that it will use $ 5.5 million to purchase the devices to eliminate the carbon-related effects of Snowden NFT. The organization will share the specifications of this process in the future.

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