Efforts to build 250,000 electric vehicle charging stations in California by 2025

Efforts to build 250,000 electric vehicle charging stations in California by 2025

California Energy Commission (CEC) to novelty announced that it is going to spend nearly 2.9 billion dollars to accelerate the process of carbon-free transportation and reduce environmental pollutants to build car charging stations and the required infrastructure. In this regard, in the announcement of Reuters in this regard, it is stated that this state agency is going to produce nearly 90,000 electric vehicle charging devices within a period of 4 years with investment, and this figure will double the number of charging stations in this state.

Of this amount, about 900 million dollars will be spent on the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles, and 1.7 billion dollars will be considered for other infrastructure needed by heavy vehicles and machines that work on hydrogen fuel.

The state commission also expects California to reach its goal of deploying 250,000 vehicle charging stations by 2025. Patty Monahan, the chief transportation commissioner, considered the announced investment to be transformative and stated that these costs will help to upgrade the infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars, as well as efforts to reduce carbon dioxide.

California car charging station

Further, the commissioner also stated that this plan will provide access to charging stations for public and government organizations and commercial companies and will also help the emerging clean energy ecosystem.

The state of California has already announced in its laws that from 2035 onwards the sale of cars with common fossil fuels will be allowed, and this leading and populous state in America is already thinking about building infrastructure for future hybrid and electric cars.

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