Electric tricycles on the way; Clean transportation by Indians

Electric tricycles on the way;  Clean transportation by Indians

The world is moving towards more use of clean transportation, and in the meantime, different countries are trying to keep up with this caravan. India is one of the countries where the car industry is not very strong, but the production of cars in this country is high. On the other hand, a large part of urban transportation in this country is dedicated to small tricycles. Certainly, due to the large number of these tricycles, their electrification has a great impact on reducing air pollution.

With this in mind, the Indians have decided to equip these funny vehicles with electric motors. Auto News reports on the new Delhi Municipality plan to electrify the tricycles.

In this regard, the Minister of Transport of Delhi, Kailash Ghalut, said that two thirds of the transportation in the Indian capital depends on bicycles and tricycles. According to him, these small vehicles work from 12 to 16 hours a day, and their electrification certainly has a great contribution in reducing air pollution.

According to him, the subsidies for electrification of these devices are even higher than electric vehicles, which reduces the cost of purchasing them by up to 26 percent. Gahloot claims that with the implementation of the Delhi Switch scheme, the amount of savings per person in transportation is 29,000 colors, which is approximately equivalent to $ 400.

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By 2024, about 25 percent of the city’s transportation will be by electric vehicles, according to targets set by Delhi officials. From the beginning of February this year, with the launch of the Delhi Switch campaign, they want to teach the citizens the benefits of clean transportation within 8 weeks.

The Communications Development Commission of India (DDC) is also set to assist the municipality in making the campaign more accessible through social media. It should be noted that the Indians have long had a plan to electrify their capital. In November 2018, the first electrification plan was presented by Delhi Municipality.

Electric tricycle

Indian government incentives to buy electric vehicles include a maximum of Rs 30,000 ($ 413) for two-wheelers and electric tricycles and a maximum of Rs 150,000 ($ 2,069) for the purchase of electric vehicles.

Delhi’s urban electrification policies have been in place since August 2020, and since then, more than 6,000 electric vehicles have been sold in the Indian market. The Indian government has also announced that it will set up 100 charging stations throughout Delhi.

Even Tesla has welcomed the changes in Delhi’s transportation policies, promising that Tesla’s next gigafactor plant will be established in India.

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