Electronic Arts is apparently looking for a buyer or partner; Negotiate with Apple, Disney and Amazon

الکترونیک آرتز ظاهرا به دنبال خریدار یا شریک است؛ مذاکره با اپل، دیزنی و آمازون

Electronic Arts Company strongly and persistently pursued Buyer Or another company with which merge Be. EA has apparently recently had talks with several buyers and potential partners including Disney, Apple and Amazon But it is not clear which company will seek to buy and which will seek to merge with the company.

According to References Different, EA approached Disney in March to build a more meaningful relationship with the company. But Disney was reluctant to negotiate, as it probably focused on its own streaming service. However, informed sources say that the idea of ​​merging EA and ESPN Which is a subsidiary of Disney, is still under investigation.

Electronic Arts and Comcast were about to reach an agreement

Of all the possible options, Comcast Probably the closest company to reaching an agreement. Apparently Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, is proposing a merger NBCUniversal He went with EA to Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts. Under the offer, Roberts eventually took control of the majority of the business but allowed Wilson to remain CEO of EA. However, the board did not agree with the bid price and the merger structure, and the deal was not finalized.

Informed sources claim that Electronic Arts has been looking for a buyer or partner to merge more seriously since Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard. However, the terms of the deal are also shrouded in ambiguity due to legal issues.

EA spokesman John Riesberg said in response to the rumors that the company would not comment on the speculation: It is made by a talented team, we work. “We think the future is very bright.”

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