Elon Musk announced the first changes to Twitter in 2023

Elon Musk announced the first changes to Twitter in 2023

Elon Musk recently shared a post on Twitter and announced that we will soon see changes in appearance and new features in this social network. some of The first changes of 2023 Twitter, which Musk mentioned, include: swipe left and right to change the display mode of tweets, a bookmark button on tweet details and support for long tweets.

Ever since Elon Musk took over as owner and CEO of Twitter, it has become standard for users to look to his live feed to learn about the platform’s features and changes. Late last year, the same issue over his controversial move to ban linking to rival social networks, which he later reversed, led Musk to step down as CEO of Twitter.

The first changes of 2023 Twitter

Changing the display mode of tweets

Elon Musk recently released a list of key Twitter changes in the coming weeks that users should be aware of. Twitter will be updated with three new features this week, next week and then in early February, he announced. According to Musk, a new feature will be introduced later this week that will allow users to swipe left and right on the social network’s app to switch between viewing recommended tweets and the most recent tweets.

Of course, it is not clear what this feature will look like exactly; Because there is no preview for it yet. It can be assumed that the way it works is similar to pinned timelines on mobile devices. We also don’t know yet if this new feature will be exclusive to Twitter’s mobile apps or if we will see the feature in question in the web client as well.

Added bookmark button to tweet details

Musk also confirmed that this change will be the first part of a series of big changes that will be applied to the user interface of the social network. Another of the first Twitter changes coming in 2023 is the addition of a bookmark button in the tweet details view. According to Musk, the feature, which acts as a “silent like” on tweets, is coming next week. Of course, the bookmark button is still there, but it is inside the share menu and not all users are aware of its existence. The bookmark button, like like, reply and retweet, is supposed to be easily visible to users and make it easier to access.

Support for longer tweets

Finally, a third feature coming in early 2023 is support for tweets longer than 280 characters. Musk had long announced the addition of this feature to Twitter. He also confirmed that support for long tweets will be added in early February. No further details about this feature have been shared yet.

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