Elon Musk has bad news for Cybertruck fans

Elon Musk has bad news for Cybertruck fans

The Tesla Cybertruck is probably the company’s most popular product. This legendary pickup attracted a lot of attention when it was introduced due to its very unusual yet futuristic design inspired by a spaceship. This product was introduced several years ago; But it still has a long way to go before it becomes available to customers. But now Elon Musk Bad news for Cybertruck fans has it.

In 2019, the plan was to launch Tesla’s unique pickup with a price tag of $39,900. This product was very promising; But apparently, its final model will be different from the known example. In this regard, Elon Musk presented news yesterday that may upset Cybertruck fans.

Cybertruck specifications and prices may be different from 2019

During Tesla’s shareholder meeting earlier this month, Elon Musk announced that the company’s economic problems have also affected their plans to launch Cybertruck. In addition, he confirmed that the price of this product will be different from the initial promises. Of course, this price change is not so surprising, because the announced figure for obtaining such a product does not seem reasonable at the moment.

As you know, the economic situation in 2023 is very different from 2019. During this period of time, we experienced an epidemic, war and a great crisis in the parts industry. Also, Tesla’s limitations after Elon Musk’s conflict with Twitter cannot be ignored. According to Elon Musk, a lot has changed since 2019. For this reason, the specifications and pricing of the mentioned product will be different.

Musk says: I hate to break bad news. But there was no way to predict what happened during these years. Inflation in the global economy and various issues will change the sales conditions of many products compared to 2019. We’re curious to see how different the final product will be from the 2019 concept.

Except for a few general comments, Musk also provided more details about the launch of this pickup. Despite the negative news, he tried to create a publicity atmosphere around this vehicle. According to him, this pickup will be an amazing product.

This pickup is a light truck with an electric battery that can theoretically go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. This recession looks impressive! This product has attracted the attention of enthusiasts due to its angular and futuristic design. However, after several years, we still don’t know when the vehicle will be ready for the road.

Cybertruck can be the key to Elon Musk's victory

The outer frame of Tesla Cybertruck is made of stainless steel and bulletproof body. In addition, this product will come with some of Tesla’s technological advancements. For example, Cybertruck supports self-driving technology and performs other tasks automatically. This car has an electric motor and can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge. This product can be a revolution in the pickup sector. But right now, it’s unclear whether we’ll see all the 2019 specs in the final product.

Cybertruck can be the key to Elon Musk’s victory

Tesla faced problems after Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter and the problems surrounding it. The brand lost some market value, but quickly made up for the loss. Although many expected the company to incur huge losses, the results prove otherwise. Currently, out of every $100 of Tesla’s revenue, $26 is profit. This is the largest gross margin since the company began selling more than 50,000 vehicles annually in 2015.

Tesla also has the highest profit margin among the top 10 automakers. Investing more to improve the car gives the brand a competitive edge in the market. It is worth noting that recently the company has given many discounts for people who buy Tesla cars in the United States. This action brought very positive results for the brand and increased demand. Now we are waiting to see if the Cybertruck will be launched in 2023 or not.

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