Elon Musk on the edge of the abyss; Selling Twitter Blue annual subscription

Elon Musk on the edge of the abyss;  Selling Twitter Blue annual subscription

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he has announced that one of his goals is to monetize the app’s subscription service. As you know, the Twitter Blue service brings to its subscribers a valid blue tick, fewer ads, preferential treatment by the algorithm and other benefits. The subscription is currently available via iOS or the web. But the new news is that Twitter Blue annual subscription at a more reasonable price It is sold.

Twitter Blue annual subscription

The new version of Twitter Blue was previously available to users at a monthly cost of $8. Now this company offers annual Blue service subscription for customers with a discount of up to 12%. Twitter users can now choose this new option instead of paying $8 per month for the web version or $11 for iOS and bypass Apple’s fees.

Those interested in the Twitter Blue service can now get an annual Twitter Blue subscription for $84 per year. This amount is 12% more economical compared to the monthly subscription. As for the iOS version, buying an annual subscription will bring you a 36% discount.

Avoid Apple’s fees with the new Twitter Blue subscription

Twitter Blue annual subscription

Of course, to get an annual subscription at this price on iOS, you have to make your purchase on another platform. It is not yet clear how Apple will react to the evasion of their fees. But in the App Store guidelines, exceptions are considered for multi-platform services. These instructions will essentially allow you to sign in to a subscription in an app that you’ve purchased outside of iOS.

The option to purchase an annual Twitter subscription appeared today on the Twitter support page. But no other significant changes have been made in this plan. Whether you subscribe monthly or annually, there’s no telling when your blue tick will appear. Also, you must register a phone number to activate this service.

The news of the prepayment plan for Twitter Blue service subscription is published in the situation that the reports had announced about the non-payment of rent for the offices of this company. In this situation, the owner of the main headquarters building of this social network in San Francisco has sued Twitter. Additionally, in Singapore there are numerous reports of employees being kicked out of their offices for non-payment of rent.

Also, a report earlier Tuesday by the Financial Times, citing three unnamed sources, said the deadline for the first installment of Elon Musk’s $13 billion loan to finance the $44 billion Twitter deal is likely to expire in late January. The newspaper notes that bankers are negotiating with Musk to modify the terms of the funds that were given to the controversial billionaire through the Tesla stock pledge.

Musk, who is currently worth about $137 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has recently seen a sharp decline in his net worth. Musk’s fortune dropped so much that Guinness has set it as a new world record. Musk is not doing well, and with this annual subscription, anyone interested in helping his financial situation can play a part in saving the tech giant without buying a Tesla, a rocket trip to the moon, or a stake in Twitter.

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