English giant; Trimov TE-1 is introduced as the most powerful mass-produced electric motorcycle

غول کش انگلیسی؛ تریموف TE-1 به عنوان قدرتمندترین موتورسیکلت برقی تولید انبوه معرفی می‌شود

British company Trimov from Its first electric motorcycle, the Trimov TE-1 Unveiled. This model was developed in collaboration with the Williams Advanced Engineering Group (a subset of the Williams Racing Team), the Integral Propulsion Group, and the University of Warwick. With 107 horsepower continuously and 174 hp instantaneously, this engine can be named the most powerful mass-produced electric motor in the world.

Currently, this is a prototype of this product that has been prepared for various tests. In the next six months, Trimov will review the final tests to get the product ready for the market.

Trimov TE-1

The main part of the motorcycle is the Williams battery, controller, cooler and charger inlet. This battery has a maximum output of 228 hp and a maximum power of 121 hp in continuous use.

Trimov TE-1

The capacity of this battery pack is equal to 15kWh.

As a result, the maximum actual output power is 174 hp and the maximum continuous power is 107 hp. The 360-volt fast charge system also brings the charge to 80% in less than 20 minutes.

Trimov TE-1

Due to the placement of the battery pack, controller and charger, the center of gravity of this motor is significantly reduced.

After the final tests, the final body of the motorcycle will be unveiled. This project has 3 different phases.

Trimov TE-1

The most important competitors of this electric motorcycle are Zero RS / S and Harley-Davidson Livewire.

Both models are currently the most powerful commercial electric motorcycles.

It is expected that if introduced Trimov TE-1 is the most powerful commercial electric motorcycle To own it.

Trimov TE-1

Williams’s engineering team has a long history of competing in Formula 1 and Formula E and is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance electric propulsion.

Traditional Japanese and Italian competitors, including Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati, also have plans to build electric motorcycles.

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