Enter your Google account with the password; Say goodbye to passwords

Enter your Google account with the password;  Say goodbye to passwords

Today, Google is proud to announce that you can now log into your account without a password. In fact, this company for the first time, Release of new PassKeys has launched what it calls the easiest and most secure way to sign into your Google Account, apps and websites, and a big step toward a password-free future.

These new passwords are big words. PassKey lets you log into apps and websites the same way you unlock your phone, with your fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN. Therefore, these passwords are resistant to online attacks such as phishing. This also makes them more secure than things like one-time SMS codes.

Enter your Google account with the password;  Say goodbye to passwords

However, keep in mind that if you use passkeys and the screen unlock pin is a simple phrase like 1234 or 0000, and someone steals your mobile phone, they’ll have access to all of your passkey-protected accounts. .

Now login with password is possible for Google account users. Services like Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, and Shopify already implement some level of support for passkeys.

Naturally, it will take some time to roll out support for passkeys. Therefore, Google still supports the previous methods. This technology will also be very useful for people whose device does not have a biometric sensor. It seems that Google is planning to completely replace passkeys with current passwords and is now encouraging users to use this new solution.

If you want to try using Passkeys for your Google Account, visit http://g.co/passkeys. Elite, don’t forget to set a strong and multi-digit PIN on your phone. For Workspace accounts, administrators will soon have access to the option to enable passkeys for their end users.

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