Epic Games made Death Stranding free

Epic Games made Death Stranding free

Death Stranding Created by Hideo Kojima, as a featured free game on the Epic Games Store Has been introduced. In the next twenty-four hours, you can add this game to your collection. Hideo Kojima’s critically-acclaimed Death Stranding is one of the zero-hundred games that are called a masterpiece on the one hand and just a walking simulator on the other. The game was originally a PlayStation exclusive, then ported to PC, and finally remastered earlier this year, which resulted in several visual upgrades and a new vehicle.

  • Confirmation of the development of Death Stranding 2 by Kojima and the release of its first trailer

High volume of requests and problems in the receiving process

All you need to get this game is an active Epic Games account so you can get your copy through the Epic Games launcher or the website. Each user only has until (December 26) to get a copy. Due to the popularity of Death Stranding, many people are rushing to get their hands on it, so it may take some time for your request to be fulfilled.

Epic Games made Death Stranding free Epic Games made Death Stranding free 2

Not long ago, the Epic Games store saw an influx of gamers trying to get their free GTA V, which led to the store going down. Death Stranding can create a similar situation, at least in the first few hours of the present. While many people have managed to get their hands on a copy, some other users are stuck at various stages of the purchase process. So it is better to be patient to receive it.

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