Epic interview with Apple executives: from the iMessage version of Android to dealing with native apps

Epic interview with Apple executives: from the iMessage version of Android to dealing with native apps

On the eve of its May 13 lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games has released statements from several former and current Apple executives, including Eddie Q, the current director of iTunes, and Scott Forrestal, the former chief software engineer. Published Which contains interesting information on various topics.

Epic Games has asked Eddie Q a lot of questions as someone who has been involved in Apple’s decisions since the launch of the App Store. One of the questions was whether Apple was looking to release iMessage for Android users. “I think at the time we made a version of iMessage for Android that worked with iOS,” Q said. In 2013, Q wrote a letter to Apple executives asking them to launch the Android version of iMessage as an official project.

But people like Phil Schiller opposed the decision because there was no clear strategy for attracting Android users to the service. “I’m worried that the release of iMessage on Android will remove the barrier facing families with iPhones and prevent them from buying Android phones for their children,” Schiller wrote in response to Q.

Epic Games also asked Eddie Q about Apple’s 30% stake in the App Store. He says Apple had set its sights on a 40- to 50 percent share of physical software stores because there was virtually no App Store-like model at the time. Epic attorneys have tried to find out from Q whether Apple contributes this 30% share for various expenses, such as SDK fees, etc., but apparently there is no such system in Apple.

In addition, Q was asked whether the addition of Epic’s proprietary payment system endangered iPhone security. Apple claims that in-app and app store payment rules protect the security of this store. However, Kew said he did not remember such a thing.

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Epic also asked Scott Forrestal about the development of the first iPhone and its operating system, which was based on OS X. The company asked the former Apple CEO, given the conditions of OS X, did not the Cupertinos seek to develop a more open software platform when developing iOS? On security issues, Forrestal said some Apple executives believed that the company should never allow the release of native third-party apps on iOS. They thought web applications were enough. Steve Jobs was one of them. But Forrestal was a big fan of native apps, believing that web apps could not be as good as native apps.

Forrestal also said that the company had been thinking about how to distribute apps for a while, and that one of the options alongside the App Store was to release apps directly, like the old Windows software mechanism. Eventually, however, all Apple executives agreed to the exclusive launch of the apps through the App Store.

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