Ernica Holding became a shareholder in Flytivo; Fly to soar again

هلدینگ ارنیکا سهامدار فلایتیو شد؛ پرواز برای اوج گرفتن دوباره

Arnica Holding, which had previously entered the field of tourism by investing in the startup Homsa, has recently invested “several hundred billion tomans” in Flytio. The two teams said their close-knit cooperation could help the tourism industry.

Arnica Holding announced its investment in Flytivo on Twitter last night and officially unveiled the issue today. According to Digito Ernica, it owns 70% of Flytivo and part of these shares belong to Sabaideh 20%, which was given to Saba during an investment in Flytio in March 1998. This startup is Arnica and Sabaideh.

Arnica had previously invested in the startup Homsa; Homsa is an online booking and rental system for villas, suites and accommodation that, with the help of its team, has been able to register thousands of accommodations throughout Iran in less than a year on its website so that travelers can book their desired accommodation through this platform. کردن. Rahkar Novin Safar Asa Company has started working with Homsa brand as a subsidiary of Arnica Holding in 2017.

Flytivo’s official activity started in June 2016 and to this day it has tried to be one of the main players in the field of ticket sales. An issue that some competitors have questioned.

What is certain is that at present the biggest startups that were damaged in the time of Corona were businesses in the field of tourism, and the market for competition in these startups has changed from the way it was in 2009 and has started again. Digito has heard that other VC companies are also looking to invest in some travel ticket sales teams, but it seems that the figure of “several hundred billion tomans”, which Arnika did not specify in detail, is the biggest investment of a startup tourism team. Be considered today.

In 1399, despite extensive coronary restrictions, Flytivo announced a new sales record. Wider cooperation with domestic and foreign airlines and hotels to provide better services was one of the main developments of Flytivo.

According to Arnica Holding, both Flytivo and Homsa are working to reduce the need for face-to-face services and improve the quality of services provided to passengers. Arnica Holding’s new investment will allow Flytivo and Homsa to start a new partnership, which could be in the form of a Flytivo partnership with Snaptrip that took place over the years and benefited both groups.

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The tourism market has always been a tough market. The presence of various traditional startups and agencies has required a lot of effort to gain market share. This investment will make it more difficult to enter the industry. Leading competition will certainly be an attractive one. A competition that aims to provide better service to passengers and increase price transparency.

Other products of Arnica Holding include cryptocurrency companies such as Exquino and Beit Rah, as well as the Connecta website, which works for freelancers.

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