Eternal life in Metavars; A company strives for virtual interaction even after death

زندگی ابدی در متاورس؛ تلاش یک شرکت برای تعامل مجازی حتی پس از مرگ

A virtual reality company based in the Czech Republic, plans a way to live magical and eternal life in space متاورس And interact with people after death.

After Arthur Sischoff, CEO of a virtual reality developer Somnium Space, Who lost his father to cancer several years ago, began exploring ways to preserve the character and nature of people even after death. The result of these studies A mode called “Live Forever” Will be released in the future and will allow users to revive their appearance, sound and even personality as digital avatars.

To build such a simulation model, the company allows its members and users to access some of their personal data such as conversations, gestures and facial expressions.

سیشوف In his interview with Vice said:

“If I die and collect this data, my children can use it and relate to my avatar, my movements and my voice. You will meet that person. In the first 10 minutes of your conversation, you may not realize that you are talking to artificial intelligence, and that is our goal.

The company expects to begin testing the data of interested users this year Coming yearMake your first Live Forever avatars available. Participants can also stop recording data at any time or ask the company to delete it completely.

Sishov explains that users should not worry about security issues, because otherwise Facebook، Apple And other tech giants, Somnium Space, do not sell their personal information to advertisers.

Built on the Atrium blockchain platform and accessible through virtual reality headsets such as the Vive and Oculus, the Somnium Space platform allows users to purchase digital land and then purchase, build or build their own home, assets and other NFTs. Enter.

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