EU likely to set up chip plant in partnership with Samsung and TSMC

EU likely to set up chip plant in partnership with Samsung and TSMC

The EU wants to set up an advanced semiconductor plant on the continent to be less dependent on American and Asian companies. It is possible that the union will work with TSMC and Samsung to build such facilities.

The European Union is investigating how to make semiconductors with lithography less than 10 nanometers and up to 2 nanometers. One of the goals of this project is to be less dependent on other countries, such as Taiwan, for the chips needed in 5G wireless systems, connected vehicles, high-powered computers, and other devices.

TSMC and Samsung are currently leading the way in this market, so perhaps in the EU project Have a role. However, according to the French Minister of Finance, no decision has been made to date.

The launch of the chip factory comes at a time when various companies are struggling with a shortage of semiconductors, and experts and analysts have been warning about this for months.

The shortage has left Europe’s largest carmaker, Volkswagen, behind in its plans to produce tens of thousands of cars, and Daimler is willing to do anything to address the problem. Although this is a short-term problem, and as production increases, enough chips will be made available to companies, the EU will continue to depend on other countries.

To break this dependence, the EU could upgrade an existing plant or build a new facility. Europe, once one of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing hubs, has played a very small role in the market for the past 20 years, with companies such as Unixpi and Infineon preferring to be manufactured by other companies such as TSMC.

European automakers sought to order large numbers of chips by the end of 2020, but were unable to do so because most of their production capacity was reserved by other industries, such as smartphones.

Along with the European Union, China also wants to become a player in the semiconductor industry, investing billions of dollars in this field. In addition, a large number of Chinese companies want to work together to help develop the industry in their country.

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