EU Privacy Monitor: Face recognition technology should be banned

EU Privacy Monitor: Face recognition technology should be banned

The European Union Data Protection Authority (EDPS) recently announced that the face recognition system should be banned in Europe due to “deep and undemocratic interference in people’s private lives”.

The watchdog’s remarks came two days before the European Commission proposed legislation that would allow face recognition systems to be used to search for missing children or criminals, and in some cases terrorist attacks.

Of course, the countries of the European Union and the European Parliament must comply with these laws Review And it seems that the European Commission intends to set some kind of global rules for artificial intelligence and technology dominated by China and the United States. On the other hand, the Privacy Monitoring Organization regretted that the commission did not pay attention to their previous request to ban face recognition in public spaces.

The statement from the organization said:

“Given that remote biometric identification, in which artificial intelligence may undergo unprecedented developments in the future, there are many risks, such as deep and undemocratic intrusion into people’s private lives, and a more rigorous approach should be considered.” “To this end, EDPS will focus specifically on defining precise boundaries for these tools and systems that may pose a threat to individuals’ privacy.”

The commission’s proposals have so far drawn criticism from civil rights groups because they worry about a legal loophole that could allow pro-authoritarian governments to use artificial intelligence to suppress people’s rights.

There will certainly be a lot of debate in the future about the final form of this regulation and exactly what red lines the use of artificial intelligence will involve.

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