Even UPs are not safe from hackers

حتی یوپی‌اس‌ها هم از حمله از راه دور هکرها در امان نیستند

According to the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, hackers have found a way to break into the UPS, and many data centers, servers and hospitals are at risk.

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply based on the battery, which allows the connected equipment to continue working when the power input voltage is cut off or severely changed. Most UPSs, in addition to providing power in the event of a power outage, can protect devices that are sensitive to power outages or sudden voltage changes. Most UPSs can be remotely monitored and maintained, making them vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The consequences, which have also been confirmed by the US Department of Energy, could be catastrophic. Both organizations have warned US agencies that hackers are focusing on hacking into Internet-connected UPS, especially those with default usernames and passwords. Intrusion into UPS can lead to data loss due to sudden shutdown of systems, and even worse conditions can burn computer components or other systems connected to UPS and eventually Lead to fire.

One example of how hackers can attack UPS is recently discovered. This zero-day bug, known as TLStorm, shows 3 open doors for hackers to gain admin access to APC UPSs.

Organizations can reduce attacks on these devices by cutting off UPS management access to the Internet. In addition, it is suggested that UPS devices be located in protected locations and that systems be connected to networks through IP modification tools and by applying several authentication methods. But organizations insist on changing the default username and password of UPS devices in a way that is not easy to guess or find.

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