Everything you need to know about Clubhouse, an app that came to the fore thanks to Ilan Mask

Everything you need to know about Clubhouse, an app that came to the fore thanks to Ilan Mask

Have you ever wondered why the name of the Clubhouse app has been heard so much on social media lately? Just like the Gamestonk story two weeks ago, it’s mostly because of Ilan Mask that the name is so widely heard. By appearing in one of the Clubhouse “romas” this week, the richest man in the world attracted attention to this service. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this exclusive chat app.

All right, what’s the matter?

Let’s get this straight: Imagine you have an app on your mobile phone that lets you listen in on other people’s live conversations. But not in a multifaceted way: In fact, the people who are talking want to be heard. These people may sometimes be famous or have valuable knowledge to share (but not always). And you may have a chance to join the chat. So look at Clubhouse through a social network based on voice chat.

So there is no image or video in this application?

No, the only images are actually user profile pictures.

What platform was the Clubhouse app built for?

Clubhouse is now only available on iOS. Any user who has an iPhone mobile phone can download the app, listen to conversations and participate in them.

So I can register right now, right?

No, as this article is being written, you should even receive an invitation from a former Clubhouse user to access the app. Each new user is allowed to invite two more users, and the more he uses the application, the more invitations he can send.

Can Clubhouse be used on iPad as well?

Definitely, but this app is not specifically optimized for iPadOS. So the application opens in a small window or has doubled and strange dimensions.

That is, it is not offered on Android ?! How ridiculous

Clubhouse Android application is under development. But developers want to expand their business slowly and steadily, and now Android users are far more than iPhone users. Getting started on Android could shut down all of the company’s servers after a major event (such as the presence of a mask in a room).

So you just have to download the app? There is no site

The only website the developer has launched is joinclubhouse.com, which simply takes you to the Apple App Store (don’t confuse this service with clubhouse.io, which is a project management tool).

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Clubhouse How much information do you need to register?

To register at Clubhouse, you must provide your contact number and real name to this service. Interestingly, even before receiving the invitation, you can reserve your final username. The person inviting you simply needs your contact number. This will send you a text link that says you can register with the same number by visiting joinclubhouse.com/app.

If you do not want to recreate a profile, you can connect Clubhouse to your Twitter account, and your Twitter profile image will be automatically extracted. To make it easier for you to find the people you want to follow, Clubhouse also encourages you to link to your audience. But if you do not have a list of audiences full of different influencers, you do not need to bother yourself. Once logged in, you can also verify your email address so that if there is any problem, there is another way to reconnect to the service.

Why am I just hearing the name of the app? When was it released?

Clubhouse was launched at the same time as Covid-19 last March. It was mainly because of the app invitation system that the Clubhouse attracted attention and everything was like a real world club membership. In the early days, the community of app users was very small, made up mostly of venture capitalists. After all, Clubhouse developer Alpha Exploration Co received a $ 12 million investment from investment company Andreessen Horowitz just two months after the app was released. While the app had only 1,500 users, it was valued at $ 100 million.

What can be listened to at Clubhouse?

When you finally access the Clubhouse, a wide range of in-app topics are displayed that you can follow, from sports and technology to global conflicts. In each category, you will find people who are interested in similar topics to you and you can follow them. The more topics and people you follow, the more likely you are to find a room that is perfectly suited to your interests.

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Conversations are not permanent?

Conversations can be heard whenever they start and when they are over. Clubhouse does not record any user conversations. But this does not mean that users can not record chats themselves. The Internet is always there.

How many people can be in the conversation?

There is currently a limit of 5,000 for each Clubhouse room. But in Rome, where Ilan Mask was present, the situation was different. Users in the room started streaming live conversations on YouTube, which was a clever way to get around the need to record what he said.

What is the meaning of “conversation”? Isn’t everything like a podcast?

It depends on what kind of podcast you prefer, ‌ but remember this: Everyone involved in the conversation is talking on their iPhone. These people do not see each other, so everything is like being on a phone call. No professional editing, sound effects, transitions or ads (at least not in its official form). However, the “style” of conversations is quite flexible: one room may host casual, one-on-one conversations between friends, and another may take the form of formal, vine-like interviews. One might start a group or group discussion to share music. If an important person – such as Ilan Mask – enters Rome, the Roman director can put him on stage as a speaker.

So you can only listen to conversations?

Not necessarily. Anyone can raise their hand virtually. It is then up to the Roman manager to let you speak.

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Sounds like zoom, but without video.

Such an impression seems quite correct. But the Clubhouse is not exactly like that, because conversations are available to anyone who finds Rome, and not to a few. The virtual stage is designed to be limited, which means that one can hope that more lectures will be given by people who have something important or interesting to say. Also, not having to stare at the screen is a big difference from today’s video calls.

What are the disadvantages of Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is already facing various problems such as spreading hatred and misuse of its services and therefore has provided a community management guide for users. The app’s creators are actually repeating a common mistake: trusting users and making sure they can use Clubhouse ethically. But idiots always make their way.

Who is going to use the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is now used by people who want to talk and miss out on an audience, such as celebrities. But eventually the user community of this application will expand and Clubhouse will become a prominent social network. So almost anyone can be a user one day.

Did you say celebrity?

Yes, people like Kevin Hart, Tiffany Hadish and a few other celebrities have started using this app. In fact, this application is very popular in the black entertainment community. Hadish was the first to reach one million followers at Clubhouse, which means the service is a long way from the days when it had only 1,500 users.

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