Excessive sugar intake can disrupt the muscle repair process

Excessive sugar intake can disrupt the muscle repair process

According to a new study by researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University, excessive glucose consumption slows down and even stops the process of building muscle, as well as inhibiting the growth of skeletal muscle stem cells.

Researchers at the university studied the speed and rate of growth of muscle stem cells, ie satellite cells, in vitro. Placed They found that high levels of glucose slowed the growth of these cells.

The muscles of the body play an important role in performing voluntary movements. Skeletal muscle tissue is made up of large cells that are sometimes damaged by exercise or general activity but can be repaired. New studies show that consuming sugar can have a negative effect on these cells.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo found that as glucose levels decreased, the rate and rate of stem cell growth increased. Although this is not the case for all cells in the body, the results of the study clearly show that when stem cells are exposed to high-glucose growth medium, their growth is disrupted.

Satellite stem cells play an important and key role in the repair and growth of skeletal muscle, so excessive glucose consumption can adversely affect the repair of these muscles. Usually, people with diabetes suffer from skeletal muscle weakness. New findings also show a significant association between elevated glucose levels and its negative impact on skeletal muscle.

New findings emphasize that a healthy diet can play an important role in preventing muscle wasting. It usually slows down or stops building muscle with age. Consumption of sugar and sugar accelerates this process. Excessive glucose consumption has an adverse effect on other organs of the body, especially on skeletal muscle.

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