Exclusive: GIGABYTE RTX 4080 16GB GAMING OC graphics card video unboxing

Exclusive: GIGABYTE RTX 4080 16GB GAMING OC graphics card video unboxing

According to Nvidia’s plan, all RTX 4080 graphics cards will be officially introduced and launched on November 16 (about 6 days from now). In the meantime, we are also testing and reviewing the giant graphics card GIGABYTE RTX 4080 16GB GAMING OC We are in the laboratory of Mag hardware collection.

Since the unboxing of new parts is always exciting and enjoyable, we would like to share this video with you, and present this video from the unboxing of this beautiful and powerful Gigabyte graphic card in a single shot.

RTX 4080 16GB GAMING OC Gigabyte

In the review of this graphic card that we will publish in the future, we will discuss its technical characteristics in detail. But quickly for this unboxing, be aware that the RTX 4080 graphics card is equipped with AD103-300 chip from Ada Lovelace architecture. This graphics processor has 45.9 billion transistors, 9728 Cuda cores and 16 GB of GDDR6X memory, which has a bandwidth of 256 bits.

The boost frequency of the RTX 4080 graphics processor in the reference model is 2510 MHz. But the boost frequency of GIGABYTE’s RTX 4080 GAMING OC graphic card is 2535 MHz in overclocked form. The memory speed of this card is 22.4 Gbps.

RTX 4080 16GB GAMING OC Gigabyte

In terms of dimensions, the RTX 4080 GAMING OC graphics card is 34.2 gigabytes long, 15 wide and 7.5 cm thick. The card consumes just over 320W and is powered via a power converter 3 to PCIe eight-pin to a 16-pin socket. In terms of performance, the RTX 4080 is more than 85% more powerful than its predecessor, the RTX 3080 graphics card, and almost 20% weaker than the RTX 4090.

The price of the reference version is around 1199 dollars, and naturally the GAMING OC version of GIGABYTE will be more expensive. We watch unboxing together.

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