Extraordinarily large stars were the source of large mass black holes in galaxies

Extraordinarily large stars were the source of large mass black holes in galaxies

Researchers have found evidence that the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies were actually supernovae that turned into supernovae and black holes.

Scientists from the Japan National Astronomical Observatory and the Cinica Academy of Astrophysics and Astronomy (ASIAA) in Taiwan This result It has been suggested that these black holes may have originated from large supernova supernovae. The researchers published their findings in an article in the journal MNRAS or “Monthly Announcements of the Royal Astronomical Society.”

These ancient stars had masses millions or billions of times the mass of our Sun. Researching and studying black holes is very difficult. As a result, information about their origins is largely beyond the reach of scientists. But with the help of “hydrodynamic simulation of radiation”, this group has been able to obtain evidence in this regard.

Researchers have predicted in part of their study that the James Webb Space Telescope could see a very large supernova when it launches next year. If that happens, there is strong evidence that superstars have been the source of mass black holes.

This study is a follow-up to a previous study by Kee-jung Chen, an ASIAA researcher and author of this article. He says supermassive stars may have acted as “seeds of black holes.” Jong Chen claimed in a press release:

“In the early universe, there were probably few primitive stars with masses tens of thousands of times the mass of the Sun. These stars may have been the ancestors of large mass black holes in galaxies. “Because the bigger the black hole seed, the better it could swallow the material around it.”

These massive black holes could easily absorb everything we know and love. But fortunately we will probably never encounter such black holes, and even after the Sun turns into a supernova, such a possibility does not exist. Large mass black holes are at the center of almost all galaxies; The black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy has four million solar masses.

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