Ezrock unveils a 13-inch portal display panel for installation inside glass cases

Ezrock unveils a 13-inch portal display panel for installation inside glass cases

Some time ago, pictures of motherboards Azrak It was released with eDP connectors, and due to the widespread use of these connectors in embedded devices and notebooks, the publication of these specifications in Ezrak motherboards was surprising, however, Ezrak has recently shown that these connectors are supposed to be used for the portal display inside the case. be placed

This company has recently unveiled a 13.3-inch portal display panel, and in other words, this panel can be installed inside the user’s case, assuming it has a glass case. This display panel is actually made as a secondary panel for use by the user and will not be like most such products in the market which are actually troubleshooting tools.

The eDP connector, which stands for Embedded DisplayPort, is a hardware interface developed based on the VESA DisplayPort standard, and this connector provides a high-performance audio-visual interface with 4K support.

Display inside Azrak case

This 13-inch screen uses an IPS panel and offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Ezrak has also provided a dedicated eDP cable with a 40-pin connector along with 4 mountable stands, and it will also be possible to rotate the monitor on the stand after installation. The display panel measures 193 x 300 mm, so you can expect it to fit in most cases.

Display inside Azrak case

Ezrak also admitted that to use this display panel, the user must have a transparent glass case and using cases with colored glass panels will reduce the light and transparency of the display. In this regard, Ezrock’s new display panel supports ASRock Z790 LiveMixer, Z790 Pro RS, Z790M-ITX WiFi, Z790 PG Lightning and Z790 PG Lightning motherboards, as well as some other models and can be used.

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