Facebook continues to clash with Trump; Delete video of an interview with a former US president

Facebook continues to clash with Trump;  Delete video of an interview with a former US president

Lara Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, who recently became the host of Fox News, shared a new video of the former US president through her Facebook account. The social network deleted the published video and sent a warning email to Lara Trump not to publish video and audio content of Donald Trump.

In the text of the email sent to Lara Trump to this point Cited Any content posted by Donald Trump will be removed from Facebook, and restrictions will be placed on the account of any user who publishes such content.

Lara Trump is actually the wife of Eric Trump, one of Donald Trump’s children, who after receiving a Facebook warning message, took a picture of the social network email and announced that Facebook had deleted the video of her husband’s father’s interview.

Following Donald Trump’s support for the violent protests in the United States in January 1999, Facebook and Instagram announced a 24-hour suspension of his account, and Twitter also suspended his personal page for 12 hours after limiting the president’s tweets. If this process continues, the page will be closed forever. At the same time, Donald Trump claimed that the election had been rigged and that social media had blocked Trump’s account because of his posts.

The story did not end there, and Trump blocked his Twitter account forever by posting other posts after a period of suspension containing illegal content. Facebook has now not only blocked Donald Trump’s account, but also banned him from posting video content through other accounts.

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