Facebook has been accused of abusing the personal data of 44 million users

فیسبوک به سواستفاده از داده‌های شخصی 44 میلیون کاربر متهم شد

Meta Social network owner Facebook, With a complaint worth approx $ 3.2 billion In the UK, the social network has been exploited to exploit its market position to collect and exploit Personal data 44 million users are accused.

Lisa Ludall-Gormsen, Senior Advisor to the UK Financial Strategy (FCA), is filing a complaint on behalf of all Britons who used Facebook between 2015 and 2019. The FCA complaint alleges that Facebook by imposing unfair terms and conditions It has generated billions of pounds for users and also asked users to share their personal information with them.

Facebook again and tracking user data

According to the senior British official, although Facebook is the only British social network that connects users with their friends and family, it also has its dark and negative aspects. In fact, the platform is said to collect users ‘personal information through Facebook Pixel, a tool advertisers use to track their customers’ performance.

Facebook, which has faced similar complaints so far, explains that users use their services because it creates value for them, and that they have “meaningful and useful control over the information shared by users on meta platforms.”

Although Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, a law firm representing the British official, has notified Meta of the complaint, the tech giant has not yet responded.

The former Meta, or Facebook, which was recently named the worst company in 2021, has faced similar complaints in recent years, all of which have raised concerns about user privacy. On the other hand, WhatsApp, the messaging application owned by this company, has been criticized many times due to security issues.

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