Facebook has been accused of systematic racial discrimination in recruiting its employees

Facebook has been accused of systematic racial discrimination in recruiting its employees

An organization that investigates the existence of racial discrimination in the employment and promotion of Facebook employees in the United States has filed its case as a “systematic” study of racial discrimination; That is, it suspects that Facebook is discriminating and racist at the level of its policies.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) usually solves these problems by mediating or providing corporate grievance. But the commission rarely uses the term “systematic” for corporate procedures. Use this word to EEOC Allows With the help of experts to analyze Facebook data and set up a larger file that includes all employees of the company.

Oscar Venice Jr., Facebook’s chief operating officer, and two job seekers at the company filed a complaint with the EEOC in July 2020, and another applicant rejected by Facebook joined the case in December. They say the company discriminates against blacks by assessing applicants’ tastes and promoting employees based on racial assumptions.

However, the EEOC itself has not yet filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The commission’s investigation may ultimately show that there is no discrimination on Facebook. A spokesman for the company, Andy Stone, declined to comment on the use of the word “systematic” discrimination, but said: “It is essential that all employees work in a respectful and safe environment. “We take any allegations of discrimination seriously and investigate individual cases.”

“The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission” added systematic researchers to its team in August last year and has received full explanations from both sides over the past four months, says Peter Romer-Friedman, Mr Venice’s lawyer and job seeker on Facebook.

Increasing racial and gender diversity is a major challenge for large corporations in the tech world, and they often see quality loss as the reason for the rejection of minority group applicants. But staff in the field have recently publicly opposed the idea, filing formal complaints to show that the gap in recruitment is discriminatory.

Romer-Friedman says he and his clients told the EEOC last month that Facebook’s current policies would reward employees up to $ 5,000 for bringing experienced personnel to the company. These forces usually have similar characteristics to current Facebook employees, and this mechanism prevents the recruitment of black professionals.

As of June 2020, Facebook reported that about 3.9 percent of American employees were black. In December 2020, the US Department of Justice accused Facebook of widespread discrimination against the company’s employees, saying that they would give higher priority to hiring temporary staff, including those with H-1B visas.

Last month, Google agreed to pay a $ 3.8 million fine to the US government to close the case of low wages for women and unfair treatment of Asian women and candidates when hiring new staff.

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