Facebook is working on dedicated server chips to reduce costs

فیسبوک برای کاهش هزینه‌هایش، روی چیپ‌های سرور اختصاصی کار می‌کند

Facebook is likely to be added to the list of companies that want to reduce their dependence on Intel and Qualcomm. The cause of such an issue must be in New report Let’s say that this social network works on proprietary chips for data centers, one of which is developed specifically for machine learning tasks such as managing Facebook’s content suggestion algorithm.

According to reports, another processor that Facebook is designing will be responsible for encoding the videos in order to increase the quality of live videos on the platforms of this social network. In addition to reducing Facebook’s dependence on chipset companies, it could also reduce the carbon footprint or emissions of the company’s data centers.

These new chips will be used alongside other chips that Facebook is currently using. In fact, Facebook has not decided to completely replace all existing processors and only wants to reduce its current dependence on companies like Qualcomm and Intel.

Such a decision is not a difficult task for Facebook to produce the custom chips it needs. The company has been developing semi-custom chips before. Facebook, for example, announced in 2019 that it was designing a special-purpose integrated circuit or ASIC chip to encode videos and inferred tasks.

A Facebook spokesman said the company was always looking for ways to improve its computer performance and reduce power consumption with the participation of Silicon Valley companies. However, he said that Facebook is not publishing more information about its new program at the moment.

Previously, Google, Amazon and Microsoft spent millions of dollars to produce the computer chips they needed. The goal of these companies is actually to save more and better server performance, so we would not be surprised if Facebook follows suit.

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