Facebook provided the ability to create group chats between Instagram and Messenger contacts

فیسبوک قابلیت ایجاد چت گروهی بین کانتکت‌های اینستاگرام و مسنجر را فراهم کرد

Facebook users can now create group chats between their contacts in both Messenger and Instagram applications. The new update is a big step for Facebook to sync apps with each other.

Users must register to use the shared group chat feature on Instagram and Messenger, and Facebook states that more than 70% of eligible Instagram users have registered to use the shared feature with Messenger.

Facebook about its new feature is written:

With this update, users will be able to start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger audiences. In multi-app group chats, you can personalize your chat experience with custom themes and responses.

Facebook has also introduced other new features for its messaging app. For example, with this update, users in their Instagram groups can use polls, and this feature will also be available for groups of the two apps. Facebook has also added a feature to Messenger in its new update that identifies “people typing” the group. (It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.)

Facebook further notes that in all group chats, the same controls will be provided for user management:

You will still have the same controls over the users who can communicate with you. With these controls, you can set up things like who can’t text or call you. We love adding new and fun features, but our number one priority is maintaining security and privacy.

In addition, users can now watch various videos with their friends and via the Instagram feed using Facebook’s Watch Together feature. Facebook also adds new chat themes to Messenger, which adds a lot of variety to the messaging app.

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