facelift on the contrary; Converting a new Toyota Land Cruiser to an old model by paying extra

فیس لیفت برعکس؛ تبدیل تویوتا لندکروزر جدید به مدل قدیمی با پرداخت وجه اضافی

Equipping old and classic models with electric motors is one of the interesting phenomena that has gained popularity in some countries these days and several startups are working in this field. But on the other hand, there are companies that No technology upgrade He took the opposite path New models to old models They convert! The Japanese company Flex Automotive is one of these companies that uses plastic surgery to make the Toyota Land Cruiser of recent generations look similar to the 60 Series Land Cruiser!

Japanese company Flex Automotive in The year 1967 It was founded and has 50 agencies in Japan. Interestingly, each of these agents is in the field of personalization and surgery Only one model They have expertise and cannot promote a model other than that. These two models are mostly Land Cruiser SUVs and Hiace vans.

Flex Automotive company its products renoca and describes its products as the result of a classic facelift. This word is actually a combination of two English words renovation and car has arisen

Toyota Land Cruiser
Flex Automotive has expanded its activities to America by opening a representative office in San Diego.

Toyota Land Cruiser leaves Flex Automotive workshops in two versions. One of these versions Land Cruiser 106 and other Wonder Land Cruisers It is called The 106 model is developed on the basis of the Land Cruiser 100 series, the generation between 1999 to 2007 It was on the production line. This model is facelifted similar to the Land Cruiser 60 series. In the Wonder series, the Land Cruiser 80 series changes its face to the 60 series.

Toyota Land Cruiser

As announced by Flex Automotive, in the projects of this company Interior equipment and car facilities They remain intact and it is only the exterior that undergoes changes. The company has promised American customers a model based on the Toyota Tacoma pickup. You probably know that the Tacoma is one of Toyota’s most popular products in the United States. In this project, Tacoma’s modern engine and cabin will be combined with a classic face.

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