Farewell to LG from mobile market, Samsung will probably buy its 5G patents

Farewell to LG from mobile market, Samsung will probably buy its 5G patents

With LG retreating from the mobile market, Samsung, like other competitors in the market, has shown a desire to buy valuable LG 5G patents and may buy the relevant patents from its compatriot rival.

In addition to Samsung, there are apparently other companies to buy LG patents Have expressed a desire. Although LG has not been able to achieve its desired position in the mobile market, it has a lot to say in the field of research and development, especially in the field of 5G and LTE patents. This has made Samsung and other competitors in the market willing to buy its 5G patents.

Last year, LG ranked third in the world in the number of patents in the field of 5G technologies, after Nokia and Samsung. LG currently holds approximately 24,000 patents in 4G and 5G communication technologies. The company’s patent documents show that the Koreans have so far been able to register valuable patents in both LTE and 5G technology, valued at between $ 900 million and $ 1.3 million.

According to reports from some informed sources, it is possible that some Chinese and American NPEs have filed 5G ۵ LG patents. Bought And sell the franchise to Samsung. NPE companies usually buy patents and license them to other companies, but after selling the license they no longer use the technology in another product.

It is possible that Samsung wants to follow a similar path. According to an anonymous source quoted from the website The Korea Times, Samsung may seek to use LG 5G patents by obtaining a license.

Samsung has not yet officially confirmed any of the possible scenarios. Finally, it remains to be seen what fate awaits LG’s patents in 5G and LTE technology.

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