FATA POLICE: Instagram hidden cameras are a crime without a license

FATA POLICE: Instagram hidden cameras are a crime without a license

The FATA NAJA Deputy Chief of Social Affairs announced the identification and confrontation with the producers and publishers of clips entitled “Controversial Hidden Camera” in cyberspace, which are published especially on the social network Instagram. He stressed that these hidden cameras are without legal permits and are therefore considered a crime.

“Based on observations made in cyberspace and numerous reports received by users to the FATA police, it was determined that some people had different goals, including increasing the number,” said Ramin Pashaei, FATA NAJA Deputy Chief of Social Affairs. Follower to prepare and publish clips entitled “Controversial hidden camera” in cyberspace, especially the social network Instagram with various themes, including theft of cars and mobile phones of people, reconstruction of various scenes of murder and clashes in public “They do public and busy urban environments.”

According to Pashaei, the preparation and publication of such clips, which take place mainly without obtaining legal permits from the competent and relevant agencies, causes fear and hurt feelings and disturbs the public mind at first glance: “FATA police, as soon as they observe and “Watching such clips will identify and deal with criminals and violators of the law.”

“Given that one of the salient features of cyberspace is to create entertainment for users, the production of licensed audio and video content, in accordance with the norms and values ​​accepted in society, is not in conflict with the law,” said the FATA NAJA Deputy Chief of Social Affairs. But unfortunately, a number of users take advantage of the existing conditions and produce clips with different goals, in which some cases of insults to individuals and ethnicities are seen, which in many cases causes strong protests by different groups and sects. “Religious events will take place in the country.”

Pashaei says that to date, a number of producers of such unauthorized content have been identified, and after clearing their pages, the matter has been referred to the judicial authorities to determine the legal task: “A number of users in this regard have been summoned in person or “They have been instructed and warned over the phone.”

Pashaei advised all users of cyberspace, social networks and messengers to use cyberspace correctly and to publish any audio and video clips that contradict the values ​​and social and cultural norms of the country in a way that offends or hurts. Become public feelings in society, strictly avoid ..

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