FDA advisers have approved the injection of the modern vaccine and Pfizer for children under five years of age

مشاوران FDA تزریق واکسن مدرنا و فایزر را برای کودکان زیر پنج سال تایید کردند

A committee of experts advising the US Food and Drug Administration 21 votes in favor And no votes Against They approved the injection of the modern vaccine and Pfizer into children aged six months to five years. The FDA will decide next week on whether to approve the vaccines.

If these recommendations by «FDA” And “CDCTo be confirmed, toddlers can receive their first dose of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine early next week.

vaccine two Dose Modern To obtain a license for children 6 months to 5 years Submitted to the FDA, incl 25 micrograms In each dose is equivalent Quarter Each dose is in adults.

But the vaccine Phaser That for children 6 months to 4 years Is considered, as a set of Three Dose 3 micrograms It is injected into children, which is equivalent One tenth Each dose is for adults.

If the US government licenses these vaccines, it must 10 million Provide free doses of modern vaccine and Pfizer to young children. This figure is divided equally between the two vaccines.

According to Peter MarxDirector of the Biological Assessment and Research Center of the Food and Drug Administration, to May 28 about 442 American children under 4 years old They died of the corona virus. Almost 50 percent Hospitalizations of children due to species «امیکرونIt was the Corona virus. About Quarter Children hospitalized needed intensive care.

Although children in this age group are less vulnerable than other groups, they can become seriously ill and develop severe infections.

The same statistic makes the corona virus much more deadly than other diseases that threaten children – such as Flu، Measles، Chickenpox And Hepatitis A – Hurt them.

The FDA committee plans to meet on Wednesday to consider whether the modernized vaccine and Pfizer should be given to children under five. If the FDA approves these vaccines, the age group will be notified the final Becomes a group that has qualified for vaccination.

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