Fiat Chrysler loses $ 8.7 million following arbitrary discounts from a sales representative

ضرر ۸.۷ میلیون دلاری فیات کرایسلر در پی تخفیف‌های خودسرانه یک نماینده فروش

An employee of Fiat Chrysler Group’s Parkway dealership in Detroit has caused millions of dollars in damage to the company by offering arbitrary discounts! According to research, this salesman has been doing this since 2014 and has so far donated $ 8.7 million from the pocket of Fiat Chrysler. You might think that the generous Fiat Chrysler dealer has given discounts to people with poor or moderate financial status. But the interesting thing is that he has benefited from his discounts to any person he claims is related to. It is said that the number of these people reaches thousands, and more interestingly, this employee of the agency has also received large bonuses after breaking the statistics of sales.

Robin Hood, the dealer of Fiat Chrysler Parkway, is the most generous salesman in America! The results of the US Department of Homeland Security show that this person even shared his discount codes on Facebook groups; In addition, he has introduced many customers to his relatives and has included them in a special 5% discount!

But the problem becomes even more strange when we know that the dealer of the Fiat Chrysler dealership, in addition to his basic salary, also received more than $ 700,000 from the company for breaking the sales record.

Increase in average fuel consumption in the United States to Fiat Chrysler loses $ 8.7 million following arbitrary discounts from a sales representative 2

Saima Mohsin, one of the lawyers involved in the case, said that such corruptions impose costs on automakers, which ultimately cost customers dearly. He added that the accusations are quite serious and he will do his best to maintain honesty in the car market.

It goes without saying that the accused employee of the Parkway dealership regularly holds the sales record and in January 2020 alone managed to sell 250 different models. The hand of this 21st century Robin Hood came at a time when other Fiat Chrysler employees were realizing that their discount codes were being used. This eventually led to the beginning of the investigation and the revelation of the actions of the wrong seller.

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