Fidibo 99 report published: Corona and Adel Ferdowsipour at the top of the factors affecting book reading

گزارش سال ۹۹ فیدیبو منتشر شد: کرونا و عادل فردوسی‌پور در صدر عوامل مؤثر بر کتابخوانی

Fidibo, as the largest online e-book and audio book platform in the country, publishes its annual performance report every year. According to the Fidibo 99 report, the number of users visiting Fidibo sites and applications has increased 3.5 times compared to the same period last year.

The focus of Fidibo in the report of 1999 was on the introduction of the newest, most popular and best-selling titles in this year, and in this regard, several statistics have been presented, which we will examine in the following. In addition to these cases, the statistics of the audio book presentation platform on Fidebo are mentioned, which has become one of the most popular content presented on this platform in the last two years.

In 1999, Fidebo took advantage of the possibility of buying foreign currency, which provided easier access to its products for users abroad. According to the latest statistics, Fidebo currently has about 3 million active installations and 1180 publishers are legally cooperating with this company. This collaboration has caused the number of content presented on this platform to reach more than 100,000 titles.

It should be noted that Fidibo has been one of the subsidiaries of the Digikala Group since 1995, with Digikala investing in it. Follow Digiato to read the Fidibo 99 report.

Feedbook and FeedPlus

According to Fidebo, to date, the company has over 10,000 reading devices called Fidebook. [بررسی دیجیاتو] Sold in the market, which shows the interest of users of this application in reading devices. The Fide Plus subscription service, launched in late 1999, has also played an important role in welcoming users to Fidebo books.

The most popular Fidebo books in 1999; Psychology and personal development at the top of popularity

Fidibo 99 Year Report

In the spring of last year, Fidibo users spent more time reading or listening to books, as the corona peaked in Iran and they were forced to stay home longer. A look at the popular topics in this chapter shows that books on “Psychology, Motivation, and Personal Development” have been the most popular among users, which may indicate people’s desire to strengthen their psychological foundations and personal development in the face of adversity and illness.

Among the fiction books, the novel Crime and Rewards, one of the masterpieces of Russian literature, has attracted the readers’ attention, which continues to show the popularity of Russian literature among the reading community.

But in the writing section, the story has an interesting point and that is the popularity of books that have been published for at least 40 to 50 years, and this shows the luck and interest of the Iranian audience in these works.

The most popular books spring season Fidibo in 1999, both in terms of authorship and translation, are as follows:

Fidibo 99 Year Report

Summer 99 Once again, books on psychology and personal development topped Fidebo’s most popular books:

Fidibo 99 Year Report

But bestsellers authored books autumn This shows that the best time to publish new storybooks is this chapter. In this regard, the best-selling e-books of the Fidebo fall season in 1999 include the following:

Fidibo 99 Year Report

Finally reaching winter 99, Fidebo users were again the most popular in the translation of psychological works:

Fidibo 99 Year Report

The best-selling Fidebo audiobooks in 1999; Growing popularity of motivational works

With the outbreak of coronavirus, most people have been looking for ways to avoid quarantine depression and improve their mood, so it is not surprising that, just like e-books, motivational works in the audiobook section are among the most popular audiobooks in the four seasons of 1999:

Fidibo 99 Year Report

The most controversial authors, books and audiobooks 99

Fidibo users had the most opinions about Dobli and Buchani books, and “Part of the Whole” was the most commented Fidibo book in 1999.

Fidibo 99 Year Report

But in the discussion of audiobooks, The Art of Clear Thinking has been one of the most controversial and controversial audiobooks in Fidebo 99, higher than the two books No Friend Except Mountain and Unconsciousness.

User rating to authors; Harry Potter creator Rolf Dubli remains at the top of the standings

Rolf Dubli, author of The Art of Clear Thinking and The Art of Living Well, received the highest score from Fidibo users in 1999. Interesting thing about the high scores list, the presence of Jay. کی. Rowling is the creator of the Harry Potter story series, which over the years continues to be highly acclaimed by users.

The presence of Behrouz Buchani, an Iranian writer, in the list of Fidebo scores in 1999 is also interesting.

Ten issues of the best-selling magazine of the year 99

6 issues of Andisheh Pouya Magazine are in the list of the top ten best-selling magazines, which shows that in the days of Corona, magazines were also among the most readable works. Special issues of Mohammad Ali Foroughi, Professor Shajarian, the living memory of Khosrow Sinaei and Masoud Kimiaei are included in this list:

Factors affecting the process of reading books in 1999: Corona and Adel Ferdowsipour at the top

Fidibo 99 Year Report

The presence of Corona at the top of this list is obvious. But the fact that Adel Ferdowsipour alone has influenced the per capita study of the country not only shows his high popularity and unattainable position among the people, but also can be examined from many dimensions.

It is interesting to know that in the category of “most sales in the first 10 days”, the names of two books by Adel Ferdowsipour can be seen.

The most popular podcasts of ’99

The success of podcasts in 1999 shows once again that this new medium can have its own audience. In 1999, the Channel B podcast was ranked as one of Fidebo’s most popular podcasts, reflecting the growing trend and quality of the podcast’s content.

Fidibo 99 Year Report

Peak time of study of Fidebo users

In a general comparison, it is found that Fidibo users prefer to buy and read books between 9pm and midnight, which means that book readers turn to their valuable interests as soon as they have finished their daily lives.

Record-breaking years of 1999 in Fidebo: from buying 7 million Tomans to an average of 8 hours of reading per day

Fidibo 99 Year Report

Record of most purchases in one day: The record of daily purchases in 1999 goes back to the 30th of Bahman, on which one work alone has bought 7 million Tomans of books.

The largest library of Fidebo users: The largest user library in 1999 is for users who have purchased 3416 books.

Record the most time listening to the book: On April 20, users listened to a total of 27,000 hours of audiobooks on this day alone.

Fidibo 99 Year Report

Record the most read in one day: The highest number of readings per day was recorded on April 4, 1999, when Fidebo users had a total of 58,000 hours of reading on this day.

Average study: The average reading of Fidibo users last year was 8 hours per year and 5 hours for listening to audiobooks.

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