Field report of the mobile market; Leading mid-range buyers of “Paytakht” and “Aladdin”

گزارش میدانی از بازار موبایل؛ گوشی‌های میان رده پیشتاز خریداران «پایتخت» و «علاءالدین»

Even though the door of the Grand Passage for selling mobile phones and its accessories is written, enter with a mask and they will sell the mask there so that if you forget to have a mask with you, you can launch the card, but in the end two steps away from the passage It is not a corona, and people without masks are bargaining over the price of second-hand phones or eating a sandwich. The passage itself is almost crowded and in some hours there is no place to throw needles, the same procedure is repeated in most of the mobile passages of the country and now the market is not like last year at all; A year when the physical market was almost sluggish and buyers preferred to shop online, and now the pages are turned again and the presence of people in mobile passages has increased. What phone are these buyers looking for and how is the market going?

Intermediates now also have 5G

“Ahmed” is a shopkeeper at the corner of the passage; One of those shops that, in his own words, is “expensive” for the people. Ahmed means that almost every passer-by who passes by asks their shop for the price of the phone. “The number of buyers is many times higher than last year in these days,” he said. “But now at least they say the situation has improved and the physical market has become more crowded.” Ahmed has not heard much about Amicron and believes that the Corona era is over: “Haji is over, let’s sell our sex.”

The mobile seller says that ninety percent of the buyers who come to him either want a budget phone or a mid-range phone. When I ask him for more accurate statistics, he throws an abacus in his mind and says, “He wants a more mid-range phone.” Then he immediately gives me a reason for his claim and opens this logical reason for me: “Now we have an expensive mid-range phone, which is also 5G, and in a few years all phones will have to be the same. Well, the party calculates with itself that if it puts two tomans on its money now, it can buy a phone that will work for it for a few years to come. “Why not do it?”

Chinese handsets helped the market

“These phones ruined the world market,” said Reza, another vendor at the corner of the Passage, referring to the arrival of Chinese phones on the market. Asked what he meant by “market collapse”, he said: “These Chinese handsets were able to offer the high spec at a cheaper price, and that is why reputable brands like Samsung did not even start producing models like the A-Series. “They saw the market as dangerous, which they did.” I like Reza’s analysis, whether it is right or wrong, and I ask him about his customers: “The reality is that we have a lot of customers who want a budget phone. “In fact, they reach two to three million, but most of them are people who want to spend up to five or six million.”

1641304219 427 Field report of the mobile market Leading mid range buyers of Field report of the mobile market; Leading mid-range buyers of "Paytakht" and "Aladdin" 2

Reza says that he sells a flagship phone a week and there are very few buyers for these phones in the physical market: “I think someone who wants to buy a phone for 30 to 40 million Tomans will not get up and come to these passages. “They either buy online or have friends who send them the phone.” Reza Doost himself is one of the several buyers of flagship phones and says: “Previously, these children thought of replacing and buying a new device when their phone broke down, but now the same group is constantly in touch with me to repair their phone. “Expensive handsets are being repaired a lot more than before, and buyers of these items are being forced to buy the same item or better again.”

The behavior of buyers in different regions has also changed

In the shop windows of most shops, mid-range phones can be seen, and in the best-selling section of famous sites, such as DJ Kala, which I visit, mid-range phones have the first place. Ali Mostafavi, a mobile phone salesman who works in Passage Paytakht, emphasizes that the market for economical and mid-range phones has flourished more than ever: Many more stores turned to mid-range and mid-range handsets. “Buyers want these phones, and more than 80 percent of the market is made up of these products.”

The statistics that Ali says are only slightly different from the statistics provided by the Mobile Sellers Union. “Most people buy mobile phones with a price range of 3 to 4 million,” Ibrahim Dorsti recently said, adding that “mobile phones at this rate account for 75% of the market share.” However, Ali believes that the announced price range is not very correct: “Phones have a buyer of three million tomans, but they do not constitute the majority of buyers. “The reality is that using these phones will take a lot of nerves after a while, and mid-range phones will cause far fewer problems for their users.”

Referring to the issue of online education, Ali says: “Most of them bought tablets for their children and few people came to mobile phones. “Tablets can also be found in the market at a price of 1.5 million tomans.” He introduces the mobile market as hotter than last year these days and says with a twinkle in his eye that the market has just reached its peak.

1641304219 972 Field report of the mobile market Leading mid range buyers of Field report of the mobile market; Leading mid-range buyers of "Paytakht" and "Aladdin" 4

Mobile prices have not fluctuated that much

The peak of the market in mobile stores is from the second week of February to the first week of April; This is what Dost Ali, another mobile phone seller in the Capital Passage, says, and emphasizes that during this period of about two months, sales sometimes increase up to twice: “Truth be told, mobile phones have become less expensive than many things, you laptops See what strange price fluctuations or game consoles, for example. But mobile phones do not fluctuate much, and the price of a mid-range phone, if, for example, was 5.5 million at the beginning of the year, now it has finally reached 6 million. “This price increase is compatible with people’s pockets.”

Mohammad Reza emphasizes that the economic situation is not very good, but insists that people are not willing to use their mobile phones: “Look, there are a series of people who are in a very bad situation. I also read in the news that someone dropped out of school because of not having a mobile phone and … all of this is there and it is very sad. But my evidence in this market shows that the majority of buyers are trying to pay for their own phones. “Many times, someone came to our shop to buy a phone worth two million, and finally regretted it, and a few weeks later, he came back with twice his money and bought a better phone.”

Mohammad Reza says that during the last year, he donated 12 phones to a charity to reach the children, and says that he does not hesitate to say this and would like others to be able to equip the deprived with this “vital commodity”. He strongly believes that the mobile phone is one of the vital goods for today’s life and considers it to be the basic commodity of life.

The phone has become a staple

Mohammad Reza emphasizes that it is necessary to think fundamentally for the people who find it difficult to buy this product: “This is the work of the government and not us, do not politicize us.” But do changes in the mobile market also stem from politics? In fact, does politics have an effect on prices? I hear the answer to this question very clearly: “Is there anything that is not political? “When political exchanges cause the dollar to rise and fall, politics certainly affects this market.”

I change the direction of my questions a little and go from sellers to mobile buyers. “Goddess” is looking for a good battery for her old iPhone and says she can not afford a new iPhone and prefers to keep the same old phone. . “I think when I bought this iPhone 7, the prices were much more reasonable considering the rights.”

Not everyone has ever had a flagship phone, but the situation is getting worse by the day

“Pouya” is another phone buyer who is looking for an affordable Android phone and believes that mid-range phones are gradually following in the footsteps of all phones: “Look, Ferrari and Lamborghini are still being produced, but is there a car from every street of ours? Do we see this model? No. Do we see Pride everywhere? Yes. Is Pride a mediocre car? No, the car is weak. “In the mobile market, however, I do not think we will be drawn to this, because affordable Chinese mobile phones still exist in Iran, and the disaster that befell the car market has not come here.”

Field report of the mobile market Leading mid range buyers of Field report of the mobile market; Leading mid-range buyers of "Paytakht" and "Aladdin" 6

Flagship phones have never been in the hands of all walks of life, and when I was a teenager, few people owned the Nokia N95. It is hotter than economic models. Mobile brands have focused a lot on the development of mid-range models, and now the types and varieties of these phones with different prices and various features are available to users.

This situation has lasted for the time being and it is not clear whether this stability will continue next year and with the increase in prices. This is one of the arguments that “Shahin” tells me as a student of a shop of a reputable mobile brand: “People prefer to turn their money into goods sooner and think that they may not be able to buy the same mobile phone in three months and then “The result was a move to buy mid-range goods.” He says there is even some speculation that support for national phone production will resume, and that this support will eventually make the mobile market similar to the car market.

What do you think about this and what phone would you prefer to buy in the current situation?

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