Firoozabadi: A working group was formed to deal with satellite internet services

Firoozabadi: A working group was formed to deal with satellite internet services

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace announced plans to regulate the use of satellite Internet and said that measures should be taken so that the governance of cyberspace is not compromised with the introduction of this technology. He announced the legislation in the field of satellite Internet for users and the need to obtain licenses for providers of this type of Internet.

“Abolhassan Firoozabadi” in an interview with Mehr, stating that a working group has been formed in the National Cyberspace Center to deal with satellite Internet services, said that you should think of several solutions to deal with this technology.

He announced plans to regulate the use of satellite internet by users in the country and spoke about the need to obtain a license for companies providing satellite internet: “Regulations should be developed for companies that provide services for satellite systems. “At the same time, a series of licenses must be issued so that those who want to operate in the country through these access networks must obtain a license.”

Firoozabadi stressed that in addition to regulating and obtaining licenses, “measures must be taken to ensure that the governance of the country’s cyberspace is not compromised.” He pointed to a series of measures in the National Cyberspace Center, which are the strengthening of the country’s fixed Internet and the development of mobile Internet. Confirming the fact that the country’s fixed internet network is defective and unresponsive, he says that for this reason, a very heavy burden has been placed on the country’s mobile network.

Firoozabadi, stating that satellite systems are coming and with its arrival, it is possible that the entire national information network will be questioned at once; “If the national information network fails to provide better, cheaper, faster and more diverse services, the national network will be effectively overshadowed by global satellite Internet networks, which are also predominantly American,” he said. “Therefore, we need to pay more attention to developing the country’s fixed internet network.”

Firoozabadi: Lack of development of fixed internet will endanger the security of the country

Firoozabadi has stated the reasons for the lack of development of fixed internet in the country in recent years, including the inadequacy of the revenue model and the overnight monopoly of the telecommunications company: In this area, we have a quasi-monopoly of telecommunications against FCP companies, and we see a monopoly in some parts of the network, such as Kabul. “In this regard, either the monopoly must be broken or Iran Telecommunication must agree to provide the necessary services with sufficient speed.”

The head of the National Cyberspace Center has announced that they are in talks with the Telecommunications Company of Iran, the Ministry of Communications and the main shareholders of Telecommunications to make the necessary investment in the field of fixed internet development. it must be done. Unfortunately, we are facing delays in this area. “We believe that this investment should be made as soon as possible and that the country’s access network should be developed.”

According to Firoozabadi, the development of the mobile network is also on the government’s agenda to provide diverse, cheaper and more appropriate services to users. He believes that for the satellite Internet, measures should be taken in the international arena to address the issue of the sovereignty of Iran: “For these cases, the work of several groups has been formed and the National Cyberspace Center has a significant capacity to address this issue. dedicated.”

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