Firoozabadi: If Google cooperates with Iran, there may be no need to immediately launch a native search engine

فیروزآبادی: اگر گوگل با ایران همکاری کند، شاید نیاز به راه‌اندازی فوری جویشگر بومی نباشد

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, stating that the sanctions have prevented cooperation with major technology companies in the world, said that due to the lack of cooperation of these companies, Iran is forced to build similar cases in the country. He stressed that the creation of many of these platforms is not a priority for programs, and if Google cooperates with Iran; You may not need to launch a native search engine immediately in the early stages.

Seyyed Abolhassan Firoozabadi stated at the 18th Iranian cryptocurrency conference that Europe, China and major developing countries and even some of Iran’s neighbors have put pressure on large technology companies to adopt laws: “These companies are gradually Adopt the laws of countries to comply with the national network of countries and their rules, pay taxes, avoid the collapse of local businesses and create monopolies in those countries, and cooperate on social harms in social media platforms. “Australia, for example, has an American platform that even cooperates with their local media and has to pay for that copyright.”

He stressed that if these relations can be formed in Iran, we will not have severe time pressure and investment pressure in the implementation of the national information network: “Currently, due to the lack of cooperation of many of these platforms, we have to use similar platforms in “We will provide the country, while the creation of many of these platforms is not a priority, and even if Google cooperates with Iran, there may not be an urgent need to launch a native search engine in the early stages.”

International cyberspace does not recognize our assets

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing Android and Apple operating systems interfering with the platforms and determining how our users use cyberspace and removing Iranian programs or preventing Iranian programs from being published in their stores,” said the secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace. “In line with the developments, developments and services that are being created in cyberspace, we have made them a priority for the national information network.”

Firoozabadi, noting that a significant part of the global economy is currently based on intangible assets, stressed that due to the elimination of these Iranian programs, many problems are facing users and activists in the field: “You can not be sure that the assets in this You build a global system, be safe as long as you have a national information network. In addition, the protection of the people against the presentation of immoral cases by criminals in this space is important, which has led to the formation of organized crime in the world. “So if a country does not have a national information network, it is in fact like a body that is globally protected from all diseases and harms.”

The head of the National Cyberspace Center believes that it is not possible to create assets at the moment and create prosperity on the global network that does not recognize Iran’s sovereignty. “That we can govern our own value system.”

If we do not have a national information network, it means we do not have cyber power

Firoozabadi If Google cooperates with Iran there may be no Firoozabadi: If Google cooperates with Iran, there may be no need to immediately launch a native search engine 2

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace stated that a country that lacks a national information network lacks cyber power: “Cyberspace and the development of the basic technologies that cyberspace launches have created a new topic in the world called soft power. And this soft power today is in line with hard power, and in some areas it is far more efficient than hard power. “Because it involves tasks that are by no means difficult to implement with hard power, and you can achieve it this way.”

It should be noted that one of the main goals of the new Minister of Communications in the open court of the parliament was his promise to complete the national information network in the new government. According to Firoozabadi, the problem in the current world, if not implemented in the country, is that Iran will be without weapons in the new world: “If the national intelligence network is not set up and we do not have proper cyber infrastructure, we are a country without weapons.”

He added: “In most developed or developing countries, and all of them in the United States, there are plans called the national network, but the concept we have of the national information network was ambiguous because some extremists call it a completely separate network.” They defined the world and the package in the context of a territory, and in its deviant definition it was limited to the global Internet, so in order to reach a point of equilibrium, it was discussed for a long time in this area. There is a network that needs to be operational.

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