Fixing 29 security bugs in the new update of Nvidia GPU drivers

Fixing 29 security bugs in the new update of Nvidia GPU drivers

Nvidia Recently, it has released a new version of its drivers and it seems that this company has fixed 29 major security bugs in it. In total, the best GPU manufacturer in the world has fixed 29 major vulnerabilities in Linux and Windows operating systems, and some of these bugs have been introduced with high impact intensity, so that one of them allows an unauthorized person to access the system, steal information, and manipulate data. .

In this regard, Nvidia has not published much technical information about these security flaws, and the company’s action in this regard is to protect its customers so that they can obtain their drivers before hackers get the details and methods of abuse and sabotage in this regard. update

However, the most severe vulnerability in this regard is known as CVE-2022-34669 and affects the version of GPU drivers based on Windows, and its severity score is 8.8. According to Nvidia, this vulnerability can allow normal users who do not have Admin access to access or even manipulate the user’s system files, and a hacker by abusing this security bug can execute commands remotely or even lead to DDoS attacks and or disclosure of information.

Nvidia 29 security bug

Another bug, which is also known as having a high malicious impact (CVE-2022-34671), can affect users’ Windows operating system, and the problem is related to user modes.

The next vulnerability is related to the Windows control panel, and the problem in the GPU driver also allows an unauthorized user to access and execute commands. A total of 29 security bugs affect several different Nvidia software products, including GeForce, Studio, Nvidia RTX and Quadro drivers, and even other services. Nvidia has also not provided a clear answer regarding previous exploits of these vulnerabilities before fixing them.

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