Force 2FA for all GitHub accounts in 2023

Force 2FA for all GitHub accounts in 2023

GitHub It has recently announced that it will make the use of two-factor authentication code 2FA mandatory on its platform by the end of 2023 for more security of user accounts. The use of 2FA code has increased in the past years and this code is usually used in addition to password to protect user accounts.

GitHub is a popular platform for developers and coders, and taking over user accounts of this platform can have dangerous consequences not only for its owners, but also for other users who use the services and projects of this platform. Hackers can introduce malicious executable files as approved projects by developers by taking over the account.

By forcing the use of 2FA code for all accounts, GitHub intends to ensure users of the platform that the code they download is provided by the same source. GitHub appears to have taken a similar decision earlier this year, focusing on developers whose projects had more than 1 million downloads.

GitHub enforces 2FA

In this regard, GitHub is going to force the use of 2FA for all user accounts from March 2023, and this company will initially provide the feature to selected groups. In the future, GitHub makes this feature available to larger groups by checking the rate of account locking, recovery and its problems and providing solutions in this field.

People who receive an email to activate a 2FA code will have 45 days to activate it. After this period, the account has another week to activate the code, and if it is not done, the account will be denied access to GitHub features. 28 days after enabling 2FA, users will undergo a mandatory review to ensure the feature is working properly, and users will be given time to reset their 2FA and retrieve lost codes.

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