Formation of an artificial aurora by launching the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere

تشکیل شفق مصنوعی با پرتاب راکت فالکون 9 اسپیس اکس به جو زمین

Without a doubt Polar aurorae “One of the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet is usually caused by the intense impact of charged particles from the sun on the layer.”Magnetic sphere»From the Earth’s atmosphere (Magnetosphere) Are formed. However observing the artificial aurora that is mediated by the launch Falcon 9 By SpaceX It is still strange and attractive at low altitudes.

To Said Christopher Hoffman The photographer took this picture (below) in Maryland shortly after midnight, while filming the night sky for several hours. He explains that when he finished filming his exposure, he noticed a large, bright red area that covered the Milky Way galaxy.

The point of the photo is that Hoffman was in a place where it was not possible to see the aurora from that position when capturing the image, unless at that time Geomagnetic storm It is huge, although the available information shows that there was no storm in the mentioned date and only the launch of Falcon 9 was done by SpaceX.

The cause of the formation of artificial aurora borealis due to the activities of SpaceX

It should be noted that Hoffman’s initial conjecture about this phenomenon was the launch of the Falcon 9 by SpaceX, which was recorded only a few minutes ago. But the point he found interesting was that the red artificial aurora borealis can only be seen in pictures and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

According to Jeff BaumgardnerAccording to a physicist at Boston University, the glow is probably due to the exhaust gases in the second phase of the Falcon 9 launch process, which causes the atmosphere to quickly re-enter the recombination mode. In fact this phenomenon is generally found in the highlands 200 To 250 km It is formed from the atmosphere and is well known to scientists.

    Create an artificial aurora by launching the Falcon 9 SpaceX

What happens in the meantime is that the molecules are charged Oxygen In the upper layer of the atmosphere against Water And carbon dioxide Out of the rocket react and Photos Or they emit light particles. Also, since these photons have the same wavelength as natural aurorae, they are subsequently seen in red.

Of course, in the end, it is not bad to mention that this phenomenon is not only specific to SpaceX rockets, and similar cases in the year 2005 And simultaneously with the throw Titan IV Has also been registered.

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