Former Apple engineer describes Steve Jobs’ reaction to the first version of FaceTime

مهندس سابق اپل واکنش استیو جابز به اولین نسخه فیس‌تایم را توصیف می‌کند

Apple a decade ago فیت‌تایم (2010) and اي‌مسیج (2011) revealed that both of them became a large part of the company’s ecosystem over time. Former Apple Chief Engineer Justin Santa Maria talks to Podcast about creating the two services and, of course, the reaction Steve Jobs Has spoken to them.

Santa Maria was built in 2003 as an engineer Joined Apple. He first worked on system automation internal development projects and then joined the communication software development team iChat It was for Mac OS X.

In 2009, he became the team engineering manager responsible for the user interface and operation of the Phone, Message, and FaceTime applications on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. He recently In the Techmeme Ride Home podcast He talked about the invention of FaceTime and IMAGE.

Steve Jobs’ reaction to the first version of FaceTime

In part of this podcast, he recalls the time he showed Steve Jobs the first trial version of FaceTime:

“We used four computers for our experiments and I remember being instructed that whatever happened, I pretended that everything was going well. You know, this is a beta version of the app, and we’ve been weeks away from releasing it … When Fistime sounded, I remember Steve popping up very quickly and saying, “My God! “I am doing something to ruin their nation!”

Santa Maria also talked about issues such as blue / green chat bubbles, which are now a major component of messaging and chat apps.

Currently, he is one of the founders Future application Provides users with customized workout programs with a personalized voice instructor to help them achieve their goals at home, in the gym, or in fitness classes.

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