Former OpenSea employee arrested for secretly buying NFT with the help of confidential information

کارمند سابق OpenSea به اتهام خرید مخفیانه NFT به کمک اطلاعات محرمانه دستگیر شد

Former United States Attorney General in Manhattan OpenSeaAccused NFT, the largest online marketplace, of conducting clandestine and illegal transactions on the platform to face the first example of such actions in the world of digital assets.

According to published reports، «Nathaniel ChastainThe 31-year-old was accused of secretly buying 45 rebounds in 11 separate situations using confidential information, and the tokens he bought were supposed to be displayed on the OpenSea homepage. However, prosecutors say Chastain sold them at a huge profit shortly after the NFT show.

They explained about one case: Chastain made more than four times the profit by buying an NFT called Spectrum of a Ramenfication Theory on September 14, 2021 and selling it the next day after a very short time on the OpenSea homepage.

Prosecutors also said the scheme ran from June to September 2021, when Chastain was in charge of selecting NFTs to be displayed on the home page and conducting transactions through his wallets and anonymous digital currency accounts in OpenSea. .

Generally Chestin in this case to do Scam And money laundering Each of them could face up to 20 years in prison. Manhattan Attorney Damien Williams said in a statement:

“Although NFTs may be a new concept, these types of illegal programs are not new. “These allegations demonstrate our commitment to destroying domestic transactions, both in the stock market and in the blockchain sector.”

OpenSea reacts to this report


OpenSea said in a statement:

“When we found out about Niat’s work, we started our investigation and finally asked him to leave the company. “His actions contradicted the policies of our staff and were not in line with our core values ​​and principles.”

Chastain is said to be currently working on a new NFT project called Oval. However, the Department of Justice announced that he had been arrested in New York following the charges.

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