Former Twitter VP: Elon Musk acts like the local drunks

Former Twitter VP: Elon Musk acts like the local drunks

Twitter’s former VP spoke out after Elon Musk assaulted the platform’s disabled employee Behaviors of the most prominent man in the world of technology commented

In an interview with UK iNews, Bruce Diesel, who served as the social network’s vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa until 2020, talked about Musk’s recent fight with Harald Thorlefsson, the former Twitter executive who has muscular dystrophy, and how to deal with it. The current CEO of this social network expressed his regret. The former Twitter VP noted that Elon Musk accused Turlefson of using his disability as an excuse to do nothing. These hurtful comments eventually led to Musk’s apology.

Elon Musk's former VP of Twitter

Diesel, who currently hosts the Eat, Sleep, Work and Repeat podcast, told iNews:

A big part of how we think about our jobs is a sense of pride in where we work and what we do. The more Musk acts like the local drunk and attacks former employees, the less proud current employees are to say they work there.

While Diesel left the company years before Musk took over Twitter, he said he still has a fondness for his former colleagues at the billionaire-run Twitter. Although many of them have probably left the company by now. Since Musk took office last fall, the number of people working in the diesel unit has been reduced from 8,000 to less than 2,000.

Diesel pointed to the chaos caused by massive layoffs. Just a week after Elon Musk took over, he fired about half of Twitter’s staff. Since then, more employees have been fired and resigned. The company is currently facing many problems, which some critics attribute in large part to downsizing.

It seems that Diesel is not alone

A current Twitter employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, told iNews:

The Twitter situation is like a pressure cooker with nothing left to whistle. There are no guidelines in this company. No respect is given to any of the staff. The transparency of work has reached zero and this is awful.

Another employee also told this English news agency:

It’s a disaster and it seems like Elon Musk is just putting people in positions to get them to work.

Diesel also used a very clever metaphor to describe the state of Twitter:

The current state of Twitter is like cartoon characters running off a cliff but not immediately falling off. At first, many analysts believed that Twitter’s business was full of laziness. In this regard, Musk fired 75% of the employees and this story is still going on.

Diesel added: It seems that now the CEO of this social network has looked down and realized that the law of gravity of the earth also applies to him.

In general, criticism of Musk’s management and behavior with employees is increasing day by day. As you probably know, he publicly argued with workers who disagreed with him. In addition, Musk warned employees that they had to work hard or they would be fired. He’s even installed beds at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco so employees can work long hours.

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