Formula writing in Microsoft Excel becomes easier

Formula writing in Microsoft Excel becomes easier

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Excel will be even smarter on the web version that runs with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). For example, this company announced last week that Formula writing in Microsoft Excel It will be much easier than the previous versions and will do the work of many users automatically.

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What new features will Microsoft Excel formulas have?

Excel offers suggestions for formulas you might use by placing an equal sign in a cell, but now Excel for web will intelligently suggest the type of formula you should use based on the data around your selected cells. he does.

For example, if you have several columns filled with quarterly sales numbers and a column at the end titled “Total,” Excel may automatically suggest summing the range of cells. According to a blog post published by Microsoft, the feature currently only works in English and offers sum, average, count, count, min, and max formulas. Sure, it’s not as innovative a feature as it should be, and for example Google Sheets has had something similar for a while, and Excel’s AutoSum has long been a quick way to apply formulas to data, but for some use cases, it can be time consuming. Good offer to you.

Another new feature is Formula by Example, which is similar to the Flash Fill feature and can automatically recognize patterns in data and fill in the rest of a column. Pattern recognition where you combine information from cells and then automatically create a formula reduces the amount of time you have to type formulas.

There is also functionality to add images with alt text to your tables that come to Windows, Mac and the web. The company is also adding nested Power Query data types and the ability to get data from dynamic arrays to the Insider version of the Windows app. Another potentially useful (and thankfully easy to understand) feature coming to the web version is Suggested Links, which automatically helps you fix broken links to other Excel sheets stored in the cloud.

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