Four times more R5 5600X processor sales than R5 7600X

Four times more R5 5600X processor sales than R5 7600X

As it seems, the sales situation of some Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 processors is not interesting, and the Ryzen 5 7600X processor is going to further reduce the price with this situation. Information released from a German retailer They report that AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Zen 3 processor sells four times more than Ryzen 5 7600X processor.

German retailer Mindfactory is one of a handful of hardware retailers that directly publishes sales data for each of its products. With this retail information, it is possible to say exactly how much and how many units are sold of each processor each day.

Average R5 7600X processor sales – only 21 units per day

The chart below was prepared using the latest information from this retailer. Since we know the exact number sold of each model and the launch date of each model, we can define and calculate the average daily sales parameter of each processor. Even though the Ryzen 9 7900X has the lowest sales of the Zen 4 desktop processors (only 14.2 units per day), it’s not doing as badly as the Ryzen 5 7600X. Ryzen 5 x600 class processors are AMD’s most popular and best-selling processors, and selling 21.7 processors per day for the R5 7600X is a disaster!

Four times more R5 5600X processor sales than R5 7600X Four times more R5 5600X processor sales than R5 7600X 2

According to this information, AMD has managed to sell an average of 91 units of Ryzen 5 5600X processors since the launch, which is 4.2 times more than Ryzen 5 7600X processors with 21.7 units sold per day. Of course, after AMD reduced the price of the R5 7600X processor, its sales increased a bit, but it is still far from its previous generation processor. Another interesting point is that if we consider the average daily sales of the 8-core Ryzen 7 5700X processor since April 20th, it alone exceeds the total number of sales of the four Ryzen 7000 processors on the list.

The reason for the low sales of Ryzen 7000 processors is their low variety in the market along with the high price of AM5 motherboards and DDR5 memory. The mid-range processor segment is the hottest and most popular segment of the processor market, and in this part of the market, not only Intel has a stronger presence, but also AMD’s representatives are Ryzen 5000 processors and not Ryzen 7000. We have to wait and see with the release of non-Ryzen 7000 processors. X, as well as Intel’s 13th generation non-K processors, how are things going?

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